We are an outsourced sales and marketing company, which essentially allows us to maintain key communication links with our partners and affiliates across the country. Based on Glowing Global’s impressive track record working with previous and existing clients, we consider ourselves the best choice when looking to outsource your sales and marketing needs. This record along with the reputation we have developed within certain industry circles has allowed us to work with some of the largest companies across the UK.

Increase - Glowing GlobalDue to the nature of our business we are very flexible with the types of companies we are able to represent. With our replicable marketing systems and processes we are able to deal with companies within entertainment, fashion, financial, media, social, sports, technology, telecoms and charity sectors and we are very open-minded towards other industries. As a group we strive to provide the best possible service for our clients and their customers.

At Glowing Global we believe that our clients’ expectations must be fulfilled and exceeded at all times, through solid planning, work ethic and creativity. There are a number of effective methods we implement to help our clients’ businesses grow, including brand awareness, customer service, customer acquisition, promotional work and sales. Depending on the needs of a given business we are able to develop a specific strategy to produce the desired results.

So why choose Glowing Global?

Here are the 3 main reasons:

1) Value for money – With the downturn of the economy we understand that companies are in need of a more cost-effective approach towards increasing their market share. Therefore we guarantee all our clients a return on their investment.

2) Bespoke campaign designs – We understand that no two products or companies are the same, therefore each campaign is planned and designed down to the smallest detail. So whether your company has had an experience with direct marketing and you understand what you want from a campaign or you are brand new to this form of marketing, we promise to work closely with you to achieve the expected results.

3) Discretion – We understand that in order to penetrate the market successfully it is important for a company to keep their marketing strategies a secret. So due to this we have confidentiality agreements with our clients to assure no specific information is disclosed to potential competitors.