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Glowing Global Discusses 3 Ways to Inspire an Innovative Mindset
15 Jun

Glowing Global Discusses 3 Ways to Inspire an Innovative Mindset

As a business individual, being able to bring ideas to life is an incredible feeling. Not a lot of people think that the business or entrepreneurial world has the usage of creativity just as much as the next profession. “Ideas take time to develop. More importantly, the fact that you have an innovative touch is already the best thing. You just need a couple of factors to inspire that creative mindset,” says Ricco Katona, managing director of Glowing Global. It’s interesting to see that individuals can come up with different tactics and developments. Whether you’re in the entrepreneurial world as a newbie or whether you’ve been doing this for a long time and just need a little push, Glowing Global has come up with three ways to inspire your mindset into innovation!

Focus On Your Problems

Entrepreneurs are usually result focused. So the best thing for their mind would be to look at problems in a more precise sense. When you have a clear view of your problem, you can understand what you’re supposed to do in that context. “How can I combat this issue? How can I get a clear focus on my goal and inspiration, there are some things to ask,” mentions Ricco Katona of Glowing Global.

Don’t Force It

Sometimes inspiration just needs to flow. That’s the best thing to do. It can happen at any time. Maybe you can play a video game or hold a meeting to keep everything flowing. These things make our brain run, and that brings in room for inspiration. “Make sure if you do give something a try, like playing a video game or watching a football game, keep your ideas on top and let the inspiration from others flow into you,” says Ricco Katona of Glowing Global.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

The best way to learn new things is to get out of your comfort zone. You’ll never be able to get out there and inspire yourself if you’re stuck in the same spot every year. Make sure to go out there and try new things and let inspiration defy your comfort zone to be able to achieve greater things.

Glowing Global is Excited for Warmer Weather & Summer Adventures
01 Jun

Glowing Global is Excited for Warmer Weather & Summer Adventures

Chilly weather will soon be of this year’s past as Summer approaches up on us in the UK. With warmer weather comes positive vibes and healthier attitudes. “Our group at Glowing Global love planning events and gatherings to hang out and build our professional relationship. It’s a great time to enjoy the outdoors and feel good in the warmer weather,” says Ricco Katona, managing director of Glowing Global. At Glowing Global, we carry a work hard and play hard attitude. Our representatives know that when Summer comes around everything get’s exciting and more upbeat. We’re all about hands-on and fun activities! “Just as we’re excited about warmer weather, we found a few quotes that describe this season entirely. It gave us positivity, and we can’t wait to bask in the sun,” mentions Ricco Katona of Glowing Global.

“Summer has always been my favorite season. I feel happier.”
—Zooey Deschanel

“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?”
—William Shakespeare

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”
—F. Scott Fitzgerald

“One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.”
—Henry David Thoreau

“Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.”
—Sam Keen

Glowing Global Reviews The Importance of Positivity
01 May

Glowing Global Reviews The Importance of Positivity

When you’re in the entrepreneurial and business world, it’s important to stay positive and keep calm. “I always get asked, “how can I stay positive, how do I rewire my mind to think about the light at the end of a tunnel,” mentions Ricco Katona, Managing Director of Glowing Global. At Glowing Global, we promote positive thinking. There’s no way for us to wire our brain anytime something terrible happens. Instead, we opt to learn strategies on how we can produce positive thoughts and behaviors. “So how can we go about training our mind to control negative thoughts? Usually, these negative thoughts happen when individuals constantly have recurring, thoughts that lead to bad assumptions,” says Ricco Katona of Glowing Global. We believe that individuals who tend to have negative recurring thoughts often are those that focus on the negative aspects of everything.

Luckily, there are various techniques to fix this. Whenever something goes wrong, go ahead and wallow. However, try to look at the positive aspect of that particular situation. It takes a lot of hard work to train your mind into thinking positively, but it’s worth it because you need this type of mindset for success and victory. By using positive approaches and focusing on the importance of life in general, over the period of time the brain will help you overcome situations in a more enlightening manner. “One of my favorite quotes by Jim Rohn, ‘success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day’ this is what thinking positivity promotes,” mentions Ricco Katona of Glowing Global.

Actions are also imperative when it comes to positive thinking. Whenever you have a goal in mind, don’t just say “I’ll do it tomorrow” and let it go. Make sure it’s done as soon as possible because once you’re getting somewhere, that itself is positivity flourishing. The more you take action to do something about your ideas, the more your mind is instantly conditioned to understand that this is what you do in a negative situation. “Your actions make what you do, and your mind follows it. So if you are a positive thinker, your mind will lead you in a positive direction with positive actions,” says Ricco Katona of Glowing Global.

Glowing Global is Expanding to Newcastle
18 Apr

Glowing Global is Expanding to Newcastle

Glowing Global located in Manchester is now about to venture out and expand to Newcastle. This is a great move for Glowing Global due to the various benefits and growth this will provide in a long-term manner. “It’s always important to be active as a business owner and moving a company for expansion means you’re doing well! This is an exciting opportunity, one that I know will be beneficial in all aspects and more,” mentions Ricco Katona, Managing Director of Glowing Global. Expansion in general means at the peak of your business, you’re moving to another location where it will also rise or peak. There are various benefits to expansion and few of them revolve around more job opportunities for communities, more customers for the clients and more exposure for the business itself.

For instance, it will create a broader customer base and pool of clients. “The potential increase of customers can drastically improve sales and result in increased, as well as great profit. When the expansion is done right, it will also create a location that is well-known and appeals to each and every individual that you want to target in the community,” mentions Ricco Katona, Managing Director of Glowing Global. You can target communities by providing more jobs, this is another reason why expansion is proven to be benefiting for a company. Opportunities for people will arise once it’s presented in the right way. The idea that Glowing Global will now be another location gives us a huge advantage and this is what causes growth. mentions “A primary benefit of business expansion is the ability to attract and retain new customers. When you add new products to your portfolio or move into new markets, you can bring in previously untapped customer markets. Reaching out to these new customers with expansion is one thing, but capturing them for long-term relationship building is primary. Growing a loyal customer base is the best way to achieve stable and growing profits over time.”

“Exposure is also another great benefit for expansion. We are well known in Manchester and now that we’ve decided to move to Newcastle it increases our chances of being known even more. Not only this but we can provide service to a new range of customers and clients which is a mutually beneficial relationship,” mentions Ricco Katona of Glowing Global. People are what make an organization great, and greatness comes from companies doing well by being active. This is what expansion means to Glowing Global and we’re excited to start this success for a new community.

Glowing Global Review Creating Your Own Fate With Grant Cardone
11 Apr

Glowing Global Review Creating Your Own Fate With Grant Cardone

International sales expert Grant Cardone is a specialist in his field of sales, growth, and entrepreneurship, and our managing director and self-starting entrepreneur Ricco Katona of successful marketing firm Glowing Global has recently been inspired by an article he read, written by Mr. Cardone himself. The article featured on refers to creating our own fate instead of sitting around and waiting for fate to turn up at our doors, we have to go and get it for ourselves. Managing director Ricco Katona knows this is the case as he himself built his business from the bottom up, and had to work incredibly hard for his opportunity.

The article begins by encouraging us to sell in order to increase our income and get to where we want to go in our careers. Whether our job title has sales in it or not, we should always keep in mind that selling is the first step to get people’s attention and have them buy into us as professionals and what we have to offer. Grant Cardone continues to list some of the things that all successful salespeople share. Firstly, all the great salespeople will finish what they start, as Cardone puts it, “They start a lot of activities and finish them all. Most people start too few things and then quit.” You should keep in mind that doing what you say is a very desirable attribute as it shows honesty, commitment, and integrity, which is sure to impress. Next Grant Cardone tells us that great salespeople invest heavily in networking and building relationships, as not being recognised in your industry is the biggest problem when trying to expand. You cannot rely on fate to miraculously get our name out there alongside the greatest names in the game, no, you have to put in the time and effort to be remembered. To become great, you must make yourself known. Your product won’t do it by itself.

Most importantly, to create opportunities for ourselves and stop relying on fate to create our future, we must Invest in ourselves. Managing director Ricco Katona of Glowing Global strongly agrees with this concept and feels the same way as Grant Cardone when he says, “Great salespeople invest in their education, development, and personal motivation. They know these are their tools.” Ricco Katona of Glowing Global says “When designing your own life and success, you cannot expect to be gifted with the tools and strengths that you need to be the best, you need to invest in building your strengths. Whether you read more about your field, enroll onto training programmes, attend seminars or purchase tools which will give you the edge over the rest, you should go out and obtain them, as they will give you the advantage over your competition. You will feel much more confident when selling yourself or your product to potential investors, employers or customers.”

Glowing Global  Announce Assistant Management Promotion
25 Mar

Glowing Global Announce Assistant Management Promotion

Excitement is running high here at Glowing Global as the team congratulates their top performer Mara Polansky on hitting criteria for promotion into Assistant Managment. Our newest Assistant Manager for the Manchester office, says, “I am honored to achieve this promotion to the position of Assistant Manager, it’s the recognition and support that I receive for all of my efforts that make working with Glowing Global so rewarding.”

Mara Polansky is climbing the ladder to success, as an Assistant Manager, she will now be working even closer to Managing Director Ricco Katona, “Congratulations and welcome to assistant management Mara Polansky. I am very excited to have a future business partner and plan colossal goals for 2017. I am very proud of everything Katie has put into achieving her promotion, and i’m excited to set her next goals and help her to reach them.”

At Glowing Global, promotions are not celebrated lightly, oh no, in fact, the team shows their support with a beautiful, honorary Vivienne Westwood timepiece, a three-course dinner at the prestigious Rosso restaurant in Manchester city and a warm visit from business partners across the UK. This promotion has been an encouraging boost for Mara, and she shared her gratitude as she gave her promotion speech in front of business partners and special visitors. “The promotion speech was a chance for me to tell my story, share my journey all the way from the interview process to being promoted to assistant management. I hope I can inspire others and set the right example, as I believe that one person’s victory is the victory of the entire group.” Mara explains.

Managing Directing Ricco Katona explains “Glowing Global succeeds solely on team collaboration, everybody pulls together to make sure that we are providing our clients with expert results. Promotions are a solitary part of our business, they are what drives us forward and encourages momentum and inspires us to be elite in our field”.

“Without my expert mentors and professional support network, I would not have come so far so quickly. My new role puts me in the best position to help and motivate others to work on and succeed their goals” Mara thanks, Ricco Katona and everyone at Glowing Global for all of their hard work and efforts along the way. Glowing Global have always believed that one man who wants to reach his goals should start by helping others with theirs.

Let’s wish Mara Polansky the very best of luck in her new ranking, and to everyone at Glowing Global, keep up the good work, you are doing a great job!

Glowing Global Shares 3 Ways to Better Networking
21 Mar

Glowing Global Shares 3 Ways to Better Networking

Networking is probably the most important tactic to progress and continue success for any business, as well as an organization. It’s about making connections and building relationships with clients, customers and mutually beneficial individuals to lead you to advancements in a career or field. “Any leader, CEO or owner knows just how important networking is. This single skill helps individuals excel in their careers” says Ricco Katona, Managing Director of Glowing Global. “I always tell my business partners to be involved, go out there, be the best version of yourself; this is one of the things that will help them in the long run. It will also teach individuals to make, as well as maintain business relationships,” says Ricco Katona of Glowing Global.

Lou Adler, CEO and founder of The Adler Group, says, “Networking is how you turn 4-5 great contacts into 50-60 connections in 2-3 weeks.” Not only does networking help broaden your circle, it will also help you get advice and expertise from like-minded individuals. Someone who has been in the business you’re trying to get into or need help with is extremely important. There are many things you can do to be better at networking or even start after realizing how important it is. Here are 3 ways Glowing Global would like to share with you!

1.) Embody a positive attitude. Your attitude is the first thing people see when they meet you. When you attend business meetings or conferences make sure to be positive and vibrant in conversations. Maintaining a positive aura will attract other business professionals because that’s the kind of attitude they want to be around. “If you’ve noticed, business owners are usually people that are going for everything. They are also positive and uplifting and that’s the type of people they keep an eye on to help as well,” mentions Ricco Katona of Glowing Global.
2.) Help others. Not everyone knows how much an individual cares until they actually show they do. Whenever a problem arises, be the first to step in and help out. Besides the self-satisfaction one gets from helping others, there are benefits in it because others like seeing that you’re all about lending a hand when someone’s in trouble. This ranks you higher and gives you the priority. It also establishes trust, which is crucial when building networks/relationships.
3.) Be approachable. Glowing Global cannot stress this aspect enough. It’s important to be the type of person that’s approachable and professionals want to talk to. Effective networking starts with this characteristic because everything else comes from this one thing: being approachable. It shows that you’re the type of person that’s willing to learn, listen, and understand which is very important to building your connections.

Glowing Global Look at Local Enterprise Partnerships
25 Feb

Glowing Global Look at Local Enterprise Partnerships

Businesses play a vital part in the success and regeneration of our communities, so it’s essential that their voice is heard. One way that this can be achieved is through the use of Local Enterprise Partnerships, or LEPs. Are they listening to the right businesses, and are they having a positive effect on the world of business? A study by DJS Research looks at the role and performance of Local Enterprise Partnerships in the UK. Here, Glowing Global review the study and discuss the impact that LEPs can have.

“Business is at the heart of our communities, and provides many of the building blocks that make this country so great”, said Ricco Katona, director of Glowing Global. “It’s important therefore that Local Enterprise Partnerships help to create and encourage an environment that will see all businesses grow, not just well-established companies. Small and medium enterprises are the force behind the economic recovery, so LEPs should listen to what they say.”

The study takes facts and figures from a survey and research carried out by the Federation of Small Businesses and the Centre for Local Economic Strategies. It suggests that LEPs are too weighted towards large-scale organisations, and don’t give smaller companies the consideration they deserve. In 2013, small to medium enterprises created over 80% of all new jobs in the private sector and contributed 48% of its turnover. Despite this, most small and medium business owners think that Local Enterprise Partnerships are more influenced by, and interested in, large businesses.

77% of respondents said that they wanted LEPs to provide small business procurement advice, but only one in four LEPs offered this. Local Enterprise partnerships receive public funding to the tune of £17 billion, yet the vast majority of them are unaccountable, and there is no framework or external body responsible for judging the efficacy of their actions.

“Local Enterprise Partnerships should play a vital role in ensuring the growth of small and medium businesses, but many entrepreneurs want them to do more”, said Ricco Katona of Glowing Global. “Studies such as this can play a vital role in bringing LEPs and SMEs together, and this should help to generate more business for enterprises across the country in years to come.”

Companies who want to take the lead generation and customer acquisition into their own hands can benefit from the bespoke marketing campaigns of Glowing Global. They encourage significant returns on investment for businesses of all sizes.

Glowing Global On The Benefits Of Measuring Success
15 Feb

Glowing Global On The Benefits Of Measuring Success

An analysis is the key to business planning, offering insights that can open up a whole new world of achievement. Here, successful Manchester-based marketing firm, Glowing Global understand that businesses must undergo self-analysis to determine their course of action needed to meet objectives and address possible obstacles.

Previously, many successful startup firms created a recipe combined of hard work and courage with being in the right place at the right time with the right idea. They had a gut feeling and just enough money to buy a truck or shop, they understood the value of their service that they could offer customers, and they took off successfully. Then a second generation came along, and then a third, then all of a sudden the “right place at the right time” theory became challenged as competition rises and the modern market evolves dramatically. Business planning has now become essential. In return, you can turn weaknesses into strengths and threats into opportunities, and once the analysis is complete, the course of action needed to meet objectives and address obstacles can be determined.

When undergoing your business analysis, you should put your business plan into the following categories: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Glowing Global understand that strengths are what makes the business what it is, the attributes that have created financial and personal growth for the business owner and the staff members, and which can be used to create a competitive advantage. For example location, company reputation and industry knowledge. As opposed to this, Weaknesses are factors that prevent the business from achieving success. These are generally internal issues and may relate to both personal and industry issues, such as rivalry, capital funding and communication. Most businesses will succeed if orchestrated effectively, any business which fails, usually narrows down to the running of management and how they conduct their business. Early signs of weakness could be, poor leadership, lack of training, poor quality work and lack of measurement metrics.

Glowing Global always look for opportunities, even in the darker and greyest of times, they see ‘threats’ as opportunities to improve and better themselves in areas that need attention. Threats are often external factors and sometimes internal, for example, the departure of a high performing staff member who has become indispensable. This could be seen as a major negative and set back for the company. However Glowing Global see this situation as an opportunity to keep on their toes and a challenge to teach and train somebody new to those standards of the previous staff member. This prevents them from becoming comfortable and relying on individuals to run the success of their business.

Glowing Global recommends Introducing measuring metrics into your business planning, as it will provide valuable insights and open up a whole new world of achievement and success. This doesn’t just mean when starting out as a new business, and you should continue to use this method regularly, even after years of being open.

Glowing Global Review Fate and How To Go And Get It
29 Jan

Glowing Global Review Fate and How To Go And Get It

International sales expert Grant Cardone is a specialist in his field of sales, growth and entrepreneurship, and our managing director and self-starting entrepreneur Ricco Katona of successful marketing firm Glowing Global has recently been inspired by an article he read, written by Mr Cardone himself. The article featured on refers to creating our own fate instead of sitting around and waiting for fate to turn up at our doors, we have to go and get it for ourselves. Managing director Ricco Katona knows this is the case as he built his business from the bottom up, and had to work incredibly hard for his opportunity.

In the article, Mr Cardone talks about the basic rules of success which will help you create your own fate, including dominating instead of competing. He explains that the greatest salespeople are not interested in competing or winning a race, no, they are more about setting a new record and being in a league of their own, alone on the playing field. Ricco Katona of Glowing Global strongly agrees with this mantra and says, “As experts in our field, we don’t try to beat anybody or stay engaged with competition. We are more interested in setting ourselves apart from the rest and doing something bigger and better, dominate and do what others are too afraid to try.”

Grant Cardone goes on to advise that when creating your own fate, you should start seeing problems as opportunities. As Mr Cardone puts it, “The greats don’t see problems, they solve problems”, being able to overlook challenges and use them to your advantage is a desirable skill and will impress the investors, employers or customers who you are selling yourself to. Ricco Katona of Glowing Global strongly agrees that you need to adopt the mindset of doing what others in your field refuse to do and see things from a different perspective to them.

Lastly and most importantly, Grant Cardone tells us to disrupt the status quo and shake things up. All of the great salespeople haven’t designed their own success by staying within the guidelines and followed in the exact same footsteps of the opposition. No, they set a new pace, they disrupted the status quo and changed things, not for the sake of change, but because they see a better and quicker way to do things right. To be build success for yourself, Ricco Katona of Glowing Global strongly agrees that, you must take a little risk.