Glowing Global  Announce Assistant Management Promotion
25 Mar

Glowing Global Announce Assistant Management Promotion

Excitement is running high here at Glowing Global as the team congratulates their top performer Mara Polansky on hitting criteria for promotion into Assistant Managment. Our newest Assistant Manager for the Manchester office, says, “I am honored to achieve this promotion to the position of Assistant Manager, it’s the recognition and support that I receive for all of my efforts that make working with Glowing Global so rewarding.”

Mara Polansky is climbing the ladder to success, as an Assistant Manager, she will now be working even closer to Managing Director Ricco Katona, “Congratulations and welcome to assistant management Mara Polansky. I am very excited to have a future business partner and plan colossal goals for 2017. I am very proud of everything Katie has put into achieving her promotion, and i’m excited to set her next goals and help her to reach them.”

At Glowing Global, promotions are not celebrated lightly, oh no, in fact, the team shows their support with a beautiful, honorary Vivienne Westwood timepiece, a three-course dinner at the prestigious Rosso restaurant in Manchester city and a warm visit from business partners across the UK. This promotion has been an encouraging boost for Mara, and she shared her gratitude as she gave her promotion speech in front of business partners and special visitors. “The promotion speech was a chance for me to tell my story, share my journey all the way from the interview process to being promoted to assistant management. I hope I can inspire others and set the right example, as I believe that one person’s victory is the victory of the entire group.” Mara explains.

Managing Directing Ricco Katona explains “Glowing Global succeeds solely on team collaboration, everybody pulls together to make sure that we are providing our clients with expert results. Promotions are a solitary part of our business, they are what drives us forward and encourages momentum and inspires us to be elite in our field”.

“Without my expert mentors and professional support network, I would not have come so far so quickly. My new role puts me in the best position to help and motivate others to work on and succeed their goals” Mara thanks, Ricco Katona and everyone at Glowing Global for all of their hard work and efforts along the way. Glowing Global have always believed that one man who wants to reach his goals should start by helping others with theirs.

Let’s wish Mara Polansky the very best of luck in her new ranking, and to everyone at Glowing Global, keep up the good work, you are doing a great job!

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