Glowing Global Announce Findings in Fourth Quarter Recruiting Practices
08 Dec

Glowing Global Announce Findings in Fourth Quarter Recruiting Practices

The final months of the year have dramatically different reputations for businesses depending on the industry and specific company. Some businesses view the last quarter of the year as a relatively docile time period in which little work is accomplished. Other brands view the holiday months as a boom for business, with large numbers of customers purchasing products and services which result in a majority of annual profit being made during this time. Recruiting practices throughout the year can vary dramatically from business to business and from month to month, but the final months of the year can be an excellent time for businesses to grow. Glowing Global recently announced the findings from several studies that show that the final months of the year can be an excellent time for growing.

Many prospective job-seekers believe that the final three months of the year – December in particular – is a terrible time in which to seek a new career path. Ricco Katona, Director of Glowing Global, explained how many believe that the final month of the year is an unproductive season for job seekers. “Among professional job-seekers, there is a myth that states ‘nobody hires in December’, presumably due to the fact that HR departments are under pressure to wrap up accounting and minimise costs at the end of the year”, he said. “This is completely untrue, and in fact, the opposite may apply in a wide variety of cases in which companies are under pressure to fill job positions and quotas for the following year”.

The reality is that many businesses wish to fill various job roles in the final month of December, before the actual holidays arrive and the new year begins. Because of this, job recruiters and HR departments can be faced with a large amount of stress in looking through resumes and job applications. Glowing Global explained that the desire to fill these roles before the final two weeks of December means that job-seekers would be well-advised to be active in applying for various jobs throughout November and the beginning of December, especially in years in which the job market is robust and hiring is strong.

Because of this, companies have much to gain from being active in the recruitment and application processes in the final months of the year. Businesses can take advantage of finalising many preliminary elements of next year’s requirements via the hiring process and job-seekers can find many businesses that are in need of qualified applicants. Glowing Global and other professional marketing firms will continue to delve into studies and statistics in order to provide clients with important information such as this throughout the entire year.

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