Glowing Global Announce Potential in Growing Field of Sport Marketing
22 May

Glowing Global Announce Potential in Growing Field of Sport Marketing

Not all industries in the field of marketing are created equally with respect to growth. Some industries – such as health care – can have years of excellent growth overall, making a variety of new marketing solutions and strategies possible. Other industries – such as natural resource processing – may not be suited for ample expansion in regards to public marketing campaigns. In the world of sport, however, there is ample room for growth, with plenty in the last year alone. Glowing Global announce how this industry continues to grow at phenomenal rates and how that has boosted its acquisition of clients in the process.

The world of marketing potential in sport is phenomenal, according to Glowing Global’s Director Ricco Katona. In regards to just new players, “football members alone are spending hundreds of millions of pounds per year, and you better believe that an array of marketing opportunities are opened up when deals like that are made”, Ricco Katona said. Entire city economies are being impacted by the money changing hands in the sport industry; Manchester alone last year saw more than one billion pounds of economic benefit from United and its winning streaks.

Perhaps the biggest marketing deal in the sport industry of all-time, the very same club – United – recently secured a deal with Adidas for 750 million pounds, showing the financial power behind the overall industry. As entities such as Glowing Global see this impact on the market, it is difficult to ignore the potential and presence it provides and exerts. “Whether it is direct marketing or deals to expand football academies and housing, the potential for abundant marketing exists in every facet of sport”, said Glowing Global’s Director.

Inevitably, marketing agencies seeking success always diversify. Many, however, have somehow skipped over the potential of what sport brings to the table. A seemingly limitless flow of marketing funds for brands, players, memebers and more exchanges hands on a daily basis. Services that Glowing Global and other industry leaders provide are in constant demand.

Marketing firms and agencies will find success in sport, as they will in many other fields. Where Glowing Global and other firms succeed is in their diversification of clients. By representing as many industries as is reasonably possible, marketing firms have the ability to learn new strategies as Glowing Global has done. This, in turn, allows firms to provide a wider variety of marketing services more effectively.

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