Glowing Global Announce Recent Findings in Business Marketing Budgets
18 Nov

Glowing Global Announce Recent Findings in Business Marketing Budgets

With years of economic performance below what most would desire, there has been a conflicting series of experiences in the world of marketing. On one hand, reduced economic performance across industries has caused some businesses to scale back marketing investment in order to focus on other areas of importance. On the other hand, some businesses invested more heavily in marketing due to declining returns and a need to capture large market shares. With the economy seemingly improving, various metrics are providing hope to marketers. Glowing Global recently announced findings that indicate businesses are once again expanding marketing budgets in absolute terms.

With recent economic indicators showing the best aggregate conditions at any point in the past four years, confidence in positive marketing outcomes continues to rise. Glowing Global’s Director, Ricco Katona, recently explained in a conference call with industry leaders how this effect will be beneficial. “Not only do increased focus on marketing budgets across the industry make it possible to justify increased expenditures from existing clients, but it also makes new client recruitment practices substantially easier. With more being spent by individual businesses on marketing strategies, competitive tactics can be used to reduce impression costs and provide better bottom lines to prospective clients on similar services.

As the use of the internet becomes more prevalent, the relatively affordable use of internet marketing continues to see the largest growth among marketing efforts. This top performance sector continues to enjoy double-digit growth across each quarter, making it a prime target for marketing firms that wish to deliver immediate results for clients. Glowing Global and other leading marketing firms understand that as the average age of the internet user continues to increase, a larger share of a consumer market can be reached through the use of social media advertising, paid search campaigns and other internet marketing initiatives.

Inevitably, a healthy economy presents opportunities for all marketing firms. While some may be able to thrive in the worst of times, all can find possibilities upon which to seize when the economy is in a state of improvement.Glowing Global and other leading marketing agencies will continue to seek out information on the latest trends and incorporate such information into strategies that benefit clients, promote agency growth and leave everyone satisfied with overall outcomes. As the economy continues to improve in the short-term, a wide variety of opportunities to deliver such results becomes increasingly easier.

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