Glowing Global Attend Industry Conference in Manchester
24 Sep

Glowing Global Attend Industry Conference in Manchester

One of the things marketers look forward to is attending industry conferences. Not only do they get to meet up with old friends and fellow entrepreneurs, but it is a chance to network and learn something new each and every time. Whether it is a quick insight that may have eluded them or a major development in the industry, Ricco Katona knows just how important it is to attend when invited. Ricco is the director of Glowing Global direct marketing group and here he discusses some of the key points of his recent conference.

“Oddly,” Ricco says, “the one takeaway point that stuck with me the most is the fact that you can never learn enough. Just when you think you’ve got it down, some change in technology or consumer statistics comes along to cause you to re-think the way you are doing things.” Ricco said that this particular industry conference at the Hilton Hotel on Deans Gate Manchester was an eye-opener.

“Altogether too often we get comfortable with the status quo and while we are luxuriating in that comfort, other marketers and entrepreneurs are passing us by.” He goes on to explain that many professions actually require ongoing education in order to keep their credentials current. Doctors, attorneys and teachers, to name a few, need regular ongoing classes or they temporarily lose their right to practice in their field. He sees now just how important it is to be constantly learning, constantly growing.

Ricco says that the key to success is to be ever vigilant on changes within the market. Sometimes these take the form of how consumers want to be marketed to and other times there are new technologies that impact the way we engage with those consumers. One of the points Ricco makes is in terms of how Glowing Global advertises for their clients. A few years ago it was nice to have websites that are mobile-friendly but today it is vital. Google will not rank sites that are not mobile-friendly and since many people now search from their mobile phones, that is a significant portion of the market that won’t be aware of their clients’ products or even their brand.

Even when attending industry awards ceremonies, Ricco notes that there is always a guest speaker who has some profound bit of information or wisdom to share. “This inspires me to keep learning and keep growing so that success continues to come my way.” Ricco has a point. If you let yourself get stale you lose some of that excitement that got you to where you are now. Keep learning and the excitement will never die.

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