Glowing Global Attended Industry Gala
28 Jun

Glowing Global Attended Industry Gala


Glowing Global and the team’s top performers were excited to accept an invitation to attend the 2016 Awards Gala. The Formal Black tie event Held in the heart London, was the perfect way to give recognition to expert members of Glowing global, celebrate their journies and their achievements this year, so far.

The gala is a very exclusive event, only a select few are invited and this year Managing Director Ricco Katona expresses his support toward his workers, “I’m so excited and proud of my team who represented us at the awards. They are extremely passionate about their careers and deserve all the recognition they received across the industry. This year’s gala was one we will remember for years to come”.

Direct marketing experts across the country joined to celebrate together, top performers amongst other budding entrepreneurs attended guest lectures from local and international entrepreneurs from the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States, whom shared their knowledge and experiences.

London is thriving with direct marketing specialists, so London was the obvious choice for this years event. The London business community is full of creative, ambitious and go-getting professionals which inspires and invites competitive business owners to weave their niche into a sardine market, as london is. Glowing Global knows there is no doubt that England’s capital city London was the perfect location for this occasion.

Based in Manchester, Glowing Global commit themselves and attend annual events like the gala all across the country, all year round. Travel opportunities are a fundamental part of the business and are encouraged by Managing Director Ricco Katona. This aspect of the business is certainly favoured amongst colleagues!

Managing Director Ricco Katona is excited for the next few months, “We returned to the office in Manchester inspired, full of new ideas and motivated to drive the growth of the business. These events are so important because they increase moral and bring out the competitive drive in everybody, the gala is an exclusive event and not everybody received an invite”.

Glowing Global are leading from the front, we anticipate big things from them this year. Congratulations to Managing Director Ricco Katona on the magnificent work.


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