Glowing Global Discuss Why Keeping Up With News in Your Industry Gives You an Edge
09 Jun

Glowing Global Discuss Why Keeping Up With News in Your Industry Gives You an Edge

Of all of the things you can do as a professional to boost your effectiveness, one of the easiest but most powerful is to become truly knowledgeable about your industry, and the industries your clients work in. No matter how much you know about the job you do, it always pays to keep deepening your knowledge of business as a whole, and to keep up with the constant changes and news within your industry. Leading marketing agency Glowing Global believe that this is something that can give you a true competitive edge, make it easier to relate to the people you make contact with professionally, and ultimately make your work life more fulfilling. Here, managing director at Glowing Global Ricco Katona explains why.

‘One of the best things you can do for your brand is to become a real authority within your industry – someone people know knows all the latest developments and has an expert level of insight into the market they work in.’ Ricco Katona began. ‘Showing your knowledge to the world through things like blogging, tweeting and answering questions on LinkedIn can all boost your credibility, enhance your brand and help you win the trust of others within your network, but of course, you have to actually develop that knowledge in the first place and keep yourself constantly informed.’

There are a number of things you can do to make yourself a true expert in your field. These can include attending industry events (whether as a delegate or a speaker), following relevant accounts on Twitter, reading the right publications and blogs, and seeking out further education or training where you feel you have skills gaps.

‘In some fields, things change very rapidly, and you need to be in the habit of checking for news on a daily basis. Spending your commute to work reading up on the latest trends, changes and ideas can be a good way to get yourself in the mood for a day of work, and can also help make sure you always have all of the cutting edge information.’ Ricco Katona of Glowing Global went on. ‘It can also pay to keep a close eye on what other people in your industry are doing, including your competitors, partners, and service providers. All of this makes you a more rounded and better informed professional, and this can really pay dividends.’ he concluded.

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