Glowing Global Discuss Using Technology To Become More Productive
24 Oct

Glowing Global Discuss Using Technology To Become More Productive

One of the most common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs is that they are always on the go. From the time they arise until that moment when their head hits the pillow, they are constantly in motion, which is why they may need a bit of help staying organised from time to time. Here, Glowing Global  are a highly successful group of direct marketing entrepreneurs based in Manchester and are familiar with just what it takes to be productive whilst continually on the go.

“There are some days when I need to remind myself to stop long enough to eat lunch and am so busy that without the help of my little techie apps, I’d be at a complete loss. It is possible to meet and talk to dozens of people within the course of a day, but ask me a week later who I’ve talked to and I can actually be reminded with the help of technology,” Glowing Global  director Ricco Katona remarked.

He is referring to those handy little apps that he can plug into his mobile phone that literally do the remembering for him. One of his most favourite apps is called Humin and that is one that does the remembering for him. As an elite direct marketing firm, he and his marketing experts at Glowing Global may meet and network with hundreds of people in the course of a week. Humin allows him to plug in basic contact info and the app takes it from there. He won’t need to remember where He met that person, or when, as the app fills in the blanks with all those seemingly minor details.

Then there is the typical problem that most entrepreneurs face and that is in terms of overscheduling themselves. “Another little app I just love is a plugin for my mobile phone called Workflow. It lets me create little buttons to automate tasks for me and is truly one of the ‘smart apps’ that I couldn’t do without now. It tells me to ignore some tasks that are not critical whilst making me aware of upcoming tasks that are critical. It can even phone up my family if I need it to and as an entrepreneur, these little reminders help to keep me always on top of my game.” explains Ricco Katona.

Glowing Global are a group of entrepreneurs who are always in overdrive, which is why they use technology to keep them up-to-date and on task. From gentle scheduling reminders to ‘remembering’ important business contacts, they wouldn’t do without technology now that they’ve had a taste of the benefits.

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