Glowing Global Emphasise the Importance of working in Start-ups
19 Jun

Glowing Global Emphasise the Importance of working in Start-ups

Ego is a very tricky thing and can work both to your advantage and disadvantage, especially with start-ups. One thing that should be emphasised is that in start-ups, working together should always take front and centre stage with the ego being placed backstage until long after curtain call. Here, Ricco Katona, director of Glowing Global, explains why there is such a huge emphasis on work when everyone is looking to get in on the ground floor and climb their way up the ladder.

“One of the mottos we encourage start-ups to live by is that old saying, there’s a time for everything,” Ricco states. “While ego, that drive to excel, is vitally important at some point in the company’s lifetime, it isn’t at the very beginning where a cohesive effort is needed to build brand. Without brand there are no positions to vie for.”

Of course the ego can be dangerous at any time when it interferes with progress, but it can be a driving force for those who have a need to rise above the crowd. Even so, ego should never interfere with the main objective (growing a business) and should never cause dissention amongst  members. Perhaps it would be possible to develop a ‘ego’ that drives the entire group forward.

“Effective leaders are able to motivate an entire officr forward in a highly competitive world. This is my personal concept of ego,” Ricco explains, “and how companies succeed often against all odds. They know what they have is the best and with that mindset (ego) they strive to oust the competitors. It’s a concerted  effort where the group acts as a whole to reach their goals.”

With that said, it is important to remember that even the most successful entrepreneurs with egos the size of Mt Everest understand that a brand, product or service is only as good as  that took them to the pinnacle of success. This is why Ricco emphasises that there is a time and place for everything.

“When the time is right,” Ricco explains, “you will have a chance to prove your individual worth. But that time isn’t when running a  relay. So, if your ego interferes with the race, your leader has no choice but to disqualify you.” Global Glowing knows full well what working together is all about and has been highly successful through the adaptation.

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