24 Mar

Glowing Global Examine B2B Marketing Budgets for 2016

Each year, as the number of businesses continues growing, it becomes increasingly important to develop B2B networks. If your company specialises in B2B products, you are probably looking for ways to increase your customer base whilst setting up an extensive list of contacts. Glowing Global understands the need to network, but more importantly, they know how to sell products to your peers.

“This year,” says Ricco Katona, the director of Glowing Global, “14% of marketing budgets will be devoted to in-person, live trade shows, conferences and events. As companies recognise the need to bring their products live and to meet face-to-face with other business professionals, live marketing becomes a prime focus.”

Networking is a vital component to business growth and research has shown that the best way to network with other businesses is to be a part of live events where you are more likely to meet a greater number of people all under one roof. “We make it possible for our clients to promote their brand to a huge number of prospects that will also be a part of the event, either as a participant or a spectator. In any event, we bring businesses together and have a highly experienced sales consultants on hand to demonstrate products and to begin compiling a list of peers to be followed up on.”

Whilst it is projected that 14% of this year’s budget will go to live events, only 10% will be dedicated to digital advertising. “This fact alone should tell you something,” Ricco Katona explains. He says that it is quite obvious that businesses recognise the effectiveness of trade shows and events and are willing to sink more money into them than in digital and other types of marketing. Not only are you trying to sell products at these events but you are also trying to establish a network of leads for future sales.

Glowing Global, after examining the figures compiled from surveys of B2B marketers, believes that more and more emphasis will be placed on showing products and promoting brand at live events. The allocation of funds speaks for itself and as a means of networking with peers, “There is no better way,” Ricco Katona states. Where else can you get hundreds, thousands maybe, of other company directors, company buyers and entrepreneurs in one space at one time? By making contacts and setting the stage for an ongoing relationship, companies expect to expand their reach and grow their bottom line. This is why so much of the budget is geared towards direct sales, live events.

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