25 Jul

Glowing Global Examine the Habits of Success

Entrepreneurs have developed the habits of success which make them successful business leaders, managing director Ricco Katona, of Glowing Global, explores the daily habits behind every achieving businessman and woman.

Any successful entrepreneur will tell you that they set out to achieve their visions and make every single day count, they encourage waking up early, taking control and running the morning, the way you want to. Start by being productive from the moment your out of bed, get excited about the day ahead, “Waking up early gives you a head start from the rest, be first to the race, warm up and prepare earlier and you’ll be the first across the finish line.” says ricco. “Every morning I ask myself, what will I do today that will improve tomorrow? That makes me excited and have the best attitude possible, when I’m positive everything is easier, even mornings.”

The best entrepreneurs will always agree that making a plan for the day is vital to making it a successful one, writing your goals down and having a structure for the day; realistic goals first, deadlines, bonus achievements and of course rewards, will motivate you to accomplish all of your tasks. Ricco Katona tells us, how he runs his morning so the mornings do not run him. “Every morning I spend 10 minutes doing something I enjoy, I break up the stereotypical morning routine by doing something I want to do, this usually consists of putting on one of my favourite songs and singing loudly, or playing around with my dogs, they improve every morning,” Ricco laughs “I’m then excited about my day, I’ll spend a few minutes enjoying my favourite hot beverage and draft a list of things I will get done. I always set goals for myself and structure my day, before getting myself ready and heading into the office.”

So it would seem, starting the day by doing something which you enjoy, is the best method to having the most positive attitude and health, Ricco knows that he must take care of himself, in order to take care of everybody in his business.

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