Glowing Global is Expanding to Newcastle
18 Apr

Glowing Global is Expanding to Newcastle

Glowing Global located in Manchester is now about to venture out and expand to Newcastle. This is a great move for Glowing Global due to the various benefits and growth this will provide in a long-term manner. “It’s always important to be active as a business owner and moving a company for expansion means you’re doing well! This is an exciting opportunity, one that I know will be beneficial in all aspects and more,” mentions Ricco Katona, Managing Director of Glowing Global. Expansion in general means at the peak of your business, you’re moving to another location where it will also rise or peak. There are various benefits to expansion and few of them revolve around more job opportunities for communities, more customers for the clients and more exposure for the business itself.

For instance, it will create a broader customer base and pool of clients. “The potential increase of customers can drastically improve sales and result in increased, as well as great profit. When the expansion is done right, it will also create a location that is well-known and appeals to each and every individual that you want to target in the community,” mentions Ricco Katona, Managing Director of Glowing Global. You can target communities by providing more jobs, this is another reason why expansion is proven to be benefiting for a company. Opportunities for people will arise once it’s presented in the right way. The idea that Glowing Global will now be another location gives us a huge advantage and this is what causes growth. mentions “A primary benefit of business expansion is the ability to attract and retain new customers. When you add new products to your portfolio or move into new markets, you can bring in previously untapped customer markets. Reaching out to these new customers with expansion is one thing, but capturing them for long-term relationship building is primary. Growing a loyal customer base is the best way to achieve stable and growing profits over time.”

“Exposure is also another great benefit for expansion. We are well known in Manchester and now that we’ve decided to move to Newcastle it increases our chances of being known even more. Not only this but we can provide service to a new range of customers and clients which is a mutually beneficial relationship,” mentions Ricco Katona of Glowing Global. People are what make an organization great, and greatness comes from companies doing well by being active. This is what expansion means to Glowing Global and we’re excited to start this success for a new community.

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