Glowing Global Explain Learning to Lead by Following the Example of Your Favourite Boss
20 Oct

Glowing Global Explain Learning to Lead by Following the Example of Your Favourite Boss

We have all had good bosses, mediocre bosses and horrible bosses, but over the years we find that one boss that we can look back on with fondness – our favourite boss. Now that you have been placed in a position of authority it’s time to take a look at your all-time favourite boss. Glowing Global explain that there is something in this boss that made him or her stand out in your memory, some traits that are memorable. What are those traits and why are they important on your journey to becoming a great leader?

Ricco Katona, Glowing Global’s director, talks about how his favourite boss became his inspiration. “The first important lesson I learned from my favourite boss is the art of customer service. It doesn’t matter how great your products are or how innovative your technology, it is people who are buying your products and they are the ones you need to cater to.” Ricco says he fully began to understand that the customer always comes first. “That is the person who is ultimately signing your check each and every week so that is the one you need to please.”

Ricco says that his favourite boss also impressed upon him the importance of building solid relationships with his peers. He taught Ricco that no man is an island and that a successful business is built with a joint effort. Take the time to listen to your peers or those you are in charge of to hear what they are saying. Sometimes this may be about work-related issues and other times that person may wish to share something important in his or her life. No matter what the circumstances, it is easier to get cooperation out of a person who you’ve built a relationship with and a great leader is one who builds working relationships with the colleagues.

Just as you were inspired by your favourite boss, you can learn to inspire others. Inspiration is at the heart of success and once you reach the level where you are an inspiration to your business partners, you know that you have achieved greatness in leadership. Want to be a great leader? Inspire others to reach high and never give up on their dreams. Show them that the customer always comes first and that relationships matter. These are the traits that inspired Ricco and he adamantly believes they are the inspiration that led him and Glowing Global to such high levels of success. Ricco learned the art of leadership from his favourite boss and as a result, he is now the inspiration for a whole other group of people.

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