Glowing Global Explain the Importance of Industry Conferences
09 May

Glowing Global Explain the Importance of Industry Conferences

When it comes to marketing, the importance of networking cannot be emphasised strongly enough. Although direct marketing is one of the oldest forms of promoting products and establishing brand recognition, it is still going strong and even stronger due to the advancement of technology. Glowing Global understands the importance of industry conferences in light of the exposure they provide to seasoned and budding entrepreneurs alike.

The Glowing Global crew along with their Director, Ricco Katona, are heading to London to attend a huge event honouring entrepreneurs from all over the UK. With a host of international speakers from Ireland and as far afield as Australia, the US and Canada, this promises to be the event of the year.

Ricco says that he is “…looking forward to networking with some of the brightest minds in the industry.” By sharing successes, they all hope to bring something home to their clients. “No one has all the answers, even though Global Glowing admittedly has most of them,” he adds jokingly, “but together we can build a network of UK marketing professionals that will WOW the rest of the world.”

Conferences are events that direct marketing professionals look forward to all year long as they are the epitome of what direct marketing is all about. Unlike adverts which are unresponsive, direct marketing seeks to engage the audience, strike up a two way conversation, so to speak. It is “…fun to attend, an awesome learning experience, but also a place to show pride in accomplishments whether awards were won or not,” said the enthusiastic Director of Glowing Global. He looks forward to the day when it is a member of his company taking possession of an award, and it “will be soon” he promises.

Most of the direct marketing professionals at the event have a long history in all aspects of the industry, from web design and development to advertising in print. Some are new to the industry so they treasure this chance to rub shoulders with the best of the best. At no other time will you find professionals so ready and willing to share trade secrets, but at conferences honouring UK icons, you will find plenty of seasoned marketers more than ready to speak of their victories over the years.

Like all the other direct marketing professionals, Ricco will go home with an even greater sense of commitment (if that is possible for this dedicated  player!) to bring new levels of customer satisfaction to his already more than happy clients.

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