Glowing Global Explain Why Face to Face Marketing Is Still Highly Effective in the Digital Age
08 Feb

Glowing Global Explain Why Face to Face Marketing Is Still Highly Effective in the Digital Age

With so many options for reaching out to customers and prospects in the digital age, it is easy to forget just how much of an impact making face to face contact can have. Certainly, things like social media marketing have their place, and offer you cost effective ways to reach highly targeted audiences, and services like Skype and Facetime allow you to communicate in the closest facsimile of being ‘in person’ available if you are in different cities from your clients or associates. But businesses who solely rely on technology and don’t value face to face contact may well be losing a competitive advantage. Leading marketing company Glowing Global explain here why they believe the power of networking and selling face to face should not be underestimated.

‘In an age where we rely on the web and our various devices for just about all of our communications, it may seem like traveling to different locations to talk in person is redundant. In actual fact, we have found with our clients that quite the opposite is true. Where many companies are forgoing face to face contact in their marketing and sales approaches, the businesses who use it are seeing even more powerful results from it than when face to face sales was the norm.’ explained the managing director at Glowing Global.

‘By talking to people face to face, you can impress on them a much stronger sense of your brand identity and your own professional values, and from a psychological point of view it is much easier to both build trust and stick in their minds. The benefit for the customer is that they have a much greater sense of transparency in the process of doing business with you, and generally people always appreciate the personal touch – it makes them feel valued.’ Glowing Global’s managing director went on.

In many cases it can seem like face to face conversation carries with it a large cost overhead, as you are limited to only talking to an audience of a certain size and you may have to travel. With smart organisation, however, you can apply face to face strategies without a huge increase in cost. Attending the right events and seminars or even planning your own can be a good way to meet with a lot of prospects at once, and incorporating plans to visit customer sites into existing travel plans allows you to make the most of your existing travel budget. Sometimes, though, the benefits of carrying out a certain negotiation with a key person face to face make the cost more than worthwhile.

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