Glowing Global Explain Why Today’s Consumers Prefer Live Interaction
05 Jun

Glowing Global Explain Why Today’s Consumers Prefer Live Interaction

Survey after survey has revealed that today’s consumers are tired of being bombarded with advertising that they have no desire to interact with. They are also intent on interacting as the fancy strikes them. Glowing Global underscores the fact that at least 58% of Millennials expect to be able to interact whenever they want to, no matter where they happen to be or what channel they intend to use.

“With the advances in mobile technology,” says Ricco Katona, the director for Glowing Global, “consumers now have a choice to interact with their favourite brands at any time they feel like doing so and at any time of the day or night. They no longer need to wait to get back to their desktop and this has radically changed the way in which marketing needs to be approached.”

This has significant impact on the way in which marketers design sales campaigns. Any digital technology they employ should be interactive and building brand is dependent upon the consumer’s ability to engage with that particular company. Google set the stage in April 2015 with the rollout of their new mobile-friendly algorithms. If companies don’t provide responsive (mobile-friendly) websites they will be ignored by the search engines.

“Why do you think that is?” Ricco questions. “The reason is that the majority of consumers now search via their smartphones and with a site that can’t conform to that medium, users are not having a great experience. In terms of sales, that’s horrendous! If you want to convert you need to be willing to meet the consumer where they’re at and all indications are that they are on their mobile devices.”

Successful direct marketing firms like Glowing Global take this one step further by utilising the amazing sales potential of live sales presentations. Customers can engage with a salesforce that is knowledgeable and courteous and can answer any questions posed in real time. Again, Ricco asks, “Why do you think they like face to face interactions with brands? We have found that they need to put a face to the product. There are so many new products being introduced every day, few of which live up to the advertising hype. We can give them a ‘hands-on’ approach where they interact with both the product and a real person and that adds a dimension that other forms of marketing just can’t compete with.”

Glowing Global is passionate about meeting consumers where they are. By employing responsive digital media in conjunction with live sales interaction, they offer a service that customers truly want – real interaction with a real person who can help them understand what they are buying. “That is not too much to ask for,” he concludes, “and is why we have achieved such great success.”

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