Glowing Global Give Their Top Tips for Succeeding at Interviews
23 May

Glowing Global Give Their Top Tips for Succeeding at Interviews

The job market has never been so competitive with more and more candidates vying for every single position that is advertised. For this reason, it has never been more important to perfect your interview skills. Managing Director of direct marketing aces Glowing Global, Ricco Katona, has learnt a thing or two over the past few years having conducted his fair share of interviews, and he is here to share his dos and don’ts with you.

Interview Dos

Ricco Katona says, ‘There are certain things that you must do in order to succeed. The first one, which should hopefully go without saying, is to dress appropriately. Always look smart and well turned out as first impressions go a long way. You should also always ensure that you do your preparation before the interview. Read through the company’s website and make sure that you have fully researched their industry so that you can speak knowledgeably on their field when you get there. Always arrive at least ten minutes early so that you can compose yourself and give yourself a last minute pep talk. You should be ready to give details of times in your life when you have realised your potential – this demonstrates a high level of self-reflection which an interviewer is always pleased to see.’

Interview Don’ts

There are certain things that you definitely shouldn’t do, and Ricco Katona has seen his fair share of this too. He says, ‘You would be amazed at the amount of applicants that I have interviewed who do not arrive having prepared some questions to ask. The awkward silence never goes down well, so make sure you bring questions with you.  Don’t forget you are there to interview the company too – you want to be sure that you would be happy working for the company after all. Remembering this should help your confidence, but don’t cross that fine line and end up looking arrogant either.

Glowing Global have an excellent track record when it comes to recruitment and this is thanks in no small part to the experience that Ricco Katona has collected along the way. If you are job-hunting then follow his advice to maximise your chances of success.

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