Glowing Global Have Expanded to Australia
15 Sep

Glowing Global Have Expanded to Australia

One of the best parts about owning a business is the potential to travel and open other locations in other beautiful countries. “There are various benefits to being able to do this. Businesses look into expanding after they see growth in their own. Once you find another market that potentially will provide you with the same type of growth, you invest in it — taking chances is part of a business and it’ll either help you grow or help you learn from it. With us and Glowing Global — we’ve definitely grown and we’re proud to be able to expand in Australia. After looking at the cultural difference and growth possibilities, we decided that it’s a good place to try something new. Meet new clients, implement new strategies and create new methods. Perhaps we may also learn from business partners there,” says Ricco Katona managing director of Glowing Global.


Additionally, we have sent over 3 members of Glowing Global to work there and specifically target the Brisbane area of opportunities that may help us at our firm. Some benefits of this expansion we are sure will include that fact that we will offer our own methods and knowledge. “For example, perhaps in Brisbane the industry there has not dealt with the type of high demand products we’re are aware of and can help bring there. We can also establish a new base of enthusiastic customers without risking competition — this gives us an edge,” says Ricco Katona of Glowing Global. According to, in an article by Chris Joseph “What Are The Advantages of Doing Business Overseas?” he writes that expansion also results in Business Exposure.


Joseph says, “Overseas expansion increases the exposure to your business, helping you create what Kevin McKervey, who operates the international arm of certified public accounting firm Clayton & McKervey, calls a larger “global footprint.” As a result, you’ll gain greater brand recognition throughout the world. This can facilitate even more expansion in the future. You also can attain greater respect from customers and potential business partners in the domestic market, as they may now view you as a bigger player in your industry.” “Expansion along with exposure with be a great asset to our company. Due to this move, we will be able see how we can work with the space, and we’re very excited to be able to show what we’ve got in Brisbane,” says Ricco Katona of Glowing Global.


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