Glowing Global Are The Lead In Their Field According to Client Stats
30 Apr

Glowing Global Are The Lead In Their Field According to Client Stats

Direct marketing has always been considered by far one of the best way to recruit new customers for a brand, and Glowing Global are leading the field according to clients new stats. They have put a lot of work into establishing themselves as experts within the their sector and their Managing Director, Ricco Katona is fast becoming known as an industry specialist. In fact, at a recent conference in Barcelona, Mr Katona was singled out and described as the most effective person within the his sector when it comes to attracting new customers and driving sales. He was very pleased to have been identified as an expert in his field, saying, ‘I was honoured to have been mentioned at the conference and I am very glad that Glowing Global is being recognised as a market-leader. I am passionate about what we do and I am very happy that our success is being noticed and acknowledged. I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and am looking forward to the next one immensely.’

Direct marketing is a tried and tested technique which uses proven strategies to generate new customers. Customer acquisition is all about getting into the mindset of potential customers and approaching them in a way that will appeal to them. Mr Katona and his office are experienced in using direct marketing methods to identify and attract new customers, and because their results are so impressive they are in constant demand within the sector.

Glowing Global’s expertise does not just lie in the charitable sector either – they are used by many corporate clients because they know how to build a customer base and boost profits. Mr Katona and his office also work within the entertainment, fashion, finance, media, social, sports, technology and telecom sectors. They use their skills, knowledge and experience to design bespoke strategies which will bring clients face to face with potential customers. Whether it’s business to business, business to consumer or event promotions, they are the one-stop-shop if you want to widen your appeal in the marketplace and boost your profits – it’s no surprise that they are in such high demand.

With ambitious plans for the future, Mr Katona is looking forward to establishing his business even further within the market. He plans to continue to attend industry conferences too in order that he can make himself even more well-known amongst his peers and competitors.


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