Glowing Global Look At The Habits That Are Affecting Your Success
15 Jan

Glowing Global Look At The Habits That Are Affecting Your Success

Your success or failure to create and scale a business will stem from the sort of habits you incorporate into your professional and personal life. Glowing Global recommend you follow the habits of those highly successful entrepreneurs, as there’s a good chance you will become one yourself.

Strong personal habits that might positively impact your business include: healthy eating, working out and saving money. Strong work habits might include a regular opportunity meeting, weekly networking and regular team building. While there are hundreds of personal and professional habits that make for a great business, there are unfortunately, an equal number of bad habits that are so ingrained within entrepreneurs, that they crash and burn.

Here, Manchester marketing firm Glowing Global, share the three troublesome habits that may be ruining your business.

Paying attention to the stories, instead of the facts.
An effective leader will approach a problem or situation without emotion or any office politics, and they do not listen to the gossip or tales that are circulating, they look only the facts.
Stories create emotions, which cause us to react, and those reactions are based on conclusions drawn from typically false inferences. Glowing Global believe that being an effective leader will require you to break the storytelling habit that’s happening in your head. Instead, separate the facts from the stories, and make decisions based on what you know for sure.

You only believe what you believe.
For the most part, what you believe about anything has been firmly implanted in you by the beliefs of those in your environment.

Glowing Global understand that building a business requires you to be innovative, forward thinking and open minded, this means you must question every belief you have. One of the hardest habits to break is believing what you’ve been groomed to believe your entire life. If you can break this habit, you will surprise yourself, and there’s no telling where your business will go next.
You ignore criticism.

It takes a very healthy level of confidence and self-belief to build an empire. To have a Uber-sized business, you must believe that you can be, do and have anything that you put your mind to.
With that being said, however, one of the trickiest habits to break is accepting criticism or believing in your flaws. When somebody tells you that your product, your service or your attitude is rubbish, it’s easy to ignore their feedback and defend the honour of this amazing business you have built. Learning to see the value in criticism like Glowing Global do, will make you a stronger business owner and entrepreneur, who is continually improving.

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