Glowing Global Look at the Impact of Direct Marketing
13 Apr

Glowing Global Look at the Impact of Direct Marketing

Marketing is perhaps the most important function of any company. It doesn’t matter how great a product or service is, if the public don’t find out about it then it won’t sell. There are more ways to market a product than ever before, from methods using the latest technological innovations to others that use decades old techniques, but which one is most effective in today’s market? According to a study by the Direct Marketing Association, traditional methods can still be the best. Here, Glowing Global review the study and consider why direct marketing is so effective.

“We live in a modern, technology-driven, world, so it’s understandable that some start up entrepreneurs may turn to modern marketing methods at first”, said Ricco Katona, director of Glowing Global. “That can be a big mistake however. Email marketing and even online pay per click marketing can cost a lot, but be seen by only a few, and SEO techniques can become outdated before they’re put into practice. The facts show that direct marketing is still highly effective and great value for money.”

The DMA defines direct marketing as marketing that relies on direct interaction with the customer, often on a face-to-face or one-to-one basis. This may be done via a telephone or through events and displays. One advantage of this is that it isn’t overly reliant on technology, as everyone knows how even the latest technology can often let you down at the most inopportune moment. Because direct marketing is carried out on a real time basis, it’s also possible to instantly gauge how successful it’s been, rather than waiting and hoping that somebody, somewhere has noticed an online campaign.

As official statistics show, new technology hasn’t dented direct marketing, in fact it has contributed to its growth. Between 1994 and 1999, direct marketing to consumers grew by 8.5% each year. Growth within the direct marketing sector continues to this day, as it provides the convenience that modern consumers need, as well as providing the human element that they love.

“Direct marketing allows your company to make real and personal contact with potential customers, and this in itself can be very powerful and effective”, said Ricco Katona. “New technology can be used to find and refine targets, and crunch data, but the human touch of direct marketing is what will always make it successful, however much our society changes.”

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