Glowing Global Look at the Signs of Entrepreneurship
21 Dec

Glowing Global Look at the Signs of Entrepreneurship

Increasing numbers of people across the UK are becoming entrepreneurs. They realise the advantages and freedoms that running their own business can bring, and want to benefit directly from the result of their own hard work. There are many others, however, who could benefit from being an entrepreneur, but never take the leap to doing it. Why do some people become entrepreneurs, while others don’t? An article on looks at the signs in childhood that show a person is destined to be an entrepreneur. Here, Glowing Global review the article, and consider whether being an entrepreneur is in the DNA.

“This fascinating article looks at whether people are born to be entrepreneurs, or whether they learn to become one”, said Ricco Katona. “Take a look and see how many of these traits you exhibited in childhood. If you haven’t yet made the move to starting your own business, perhaps you should? There’s never been a better time.”

The article reveals five signs that show that a budding entrepreneur was in the making. The first of these is excelling in group projects at school. Some children want to take the lead, even at an early age, and have great organisational years. As they grow older, they refine these skills. The second sign is a student with a good, but less than perfect GPA. This is a measure used to assess the grades gained by pupils in the United States. The article explains how having a solid, yet not perfect, GPA shows that a pupil pushed themselves beyond their comfort zone as a youngster. They may not always have succeeded, but they tried.

The third sign is that young entrepreneurs love to sell things. Whether its selling cookies at school, making a profit on conkers in the classroom, or helping out with stalls and school fetes, future entrepreneurs love to be selling things. Young entrepreneurs are also creative with the money that they have. Whether it’s from pocket money or a paper round, the entrepreneurial youngster will look for ways to make it go further or bring in more money. The final sign is that an entrepreneurial child will find allegiances that are to their advantage at school. They may have many sets of friends, as they work out which groups can be most useful to them in their proto-entrepreneurial activities.

“Children who exhibit all, or most, of these signs should be encouraged to make the most of the skills that they have” said Ricco Katona, director of Glowing Global. “Being an entrepreneur is the most rewarding career path of them all, as it allows you to make a living out of doing something that you truly love.”



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