Glowing Global Offer Advice on Selective Use of Mobile Services
22 Dec

Glowing Global Offer Advice on Selective Use of Mobile Services

At the current time there is a heated controversy going on between mobile operators and OTT service providers as to just who should pay the cost of network usage. Many of these Over-the-Top services require a great deal of bandwidth which typically is being paid by the end user at the moment and not a good proposition when it comes to advertising. Ricco Katona, director of Glowing Global marketing group, believes that selective use of mobile services could easily solve the dilemma.

“One area where we feel you can keep costs down in order to raise your bottom line is to selectively use such platforms as Skype and other video messaging / conferencing services from mobile devices. By all means use these forms of communications from your office when connected to clients and customers who are also connected via a home or office ISP.  But, to use bandwidth for conferencing on mobile devices whilst mobile can cost a hefty sum of money,” Ricco says.

The tension running between OTT service providers and mobile operators is usually in regards to the amount of resources some of these services require. The mobile operator is providing the network and feels that OTT SPs should at least split the cost whilst OTT SPs feel that this is an absurd concept since they are also providing a service that the end user ultimately chooses to use or not. With a limit on the amount of resources mobile users can consume in a given period, once that limit has been reached they are charged for every bit of data over that amount.

Ricco says that both marketing firms and their clients should reserve the amount of data for more important matters such as video content that has a direct aim at increasing profits. “By conserving data usage you can help network traffic flow smoothly without all those resources being tied up handling unnecessary data. You may be able to pay for extra data but your target audience is likely to take exception to being charged for it. Mobile operators will have no choice but to continue charging higher rates if they are forced to add to their infrastructure to avoid overloading the network with OTT services.”

In the end, Glowing Global Maneger finds that selective use of mobile services should have a twofold goal. First, conserving mobile networks resources will help keep costs down for the end user, the target audience. And secondly, to keep costs down for your firm as well as for your clients. No one wants to pay unnecessary money so look at your mobile usage to see where you can cut back. You will be amazed at just how much you can conserve by only accessing certain OTT services from the office. Your accountant will love you for the reduction in operating costs and your customers will certainly thank you. It’s a win-win solution you should consider.

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