Glowing Global on Conceptual Thinkers and Visionaries
25 Sep

Glowing Global on Conceptual Thinkers and Visionaries

Glowing Global’s managing director Ricco Katona recently read an article about Conceptual thinking  and abstract thinkers, which he found to be very inspiring. As a visionary himself, Ricco Katona has adopted a conceptual mindset throughout his career as a businessman and entrepreneur.

The article describes conceptual thinking as not just something abstract thinkers do, but it’s the world they live in. It’s the stuff visionaries are made of. It’s the place where great innovations and inventions are born. The article refers to some great visionaries including: Walt Disney, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Albert Einstein. When creating, they all had the ability to think in the abstract. Instead of looking at details, they looked beyond the details, then wove those details together to align with their vision. America has been blessed with a great history of creative thinkers and they continue to inspire many self starters and entrepreneurs just like managing director Ricco Katona.

The article boldly describes visionaries as rebellious, as their thoughts typically include, “Don’t tell me who I am,” “Don’t tell me how or what to think,” or “I’m free.” However, to be a visionary, that mentality has to be tempered by, and integrated with, an ability to think clearly and rationally. This is a rare combination. As we know, Some people are abstract thinkers. Other people are very pragmatic and concrete in their thought. Much like Ricco Katona, visionaries are people who weave together these different ways of thinking. Cleverly, just as the article says, they have the ability to allow their mind to flow freely, unencumbered by programmed channels of thought. Creatively, the article compares a visionaries the ability to bring everything together and seamlessly integrate it with the real world to an abstract thinker who is like a kite without a tail. Describes as pinning wildly in the wind, opposed to a concrete thinker who is like a tail without the kite, unable to soar freely in the conceptual skies above. The visionary integrates the two; a kite with a stable and unshakable tail that soars freely into the heavens. Elegantly put, this article puts an interesting spin on the description of a visionary.

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