Glowing Global on the Art of Engaging Your Audience with Stories
10 Jul

Glowing Global on the Art of Engaging Your Audience with Stories

It is becoming increasingly evident that today’s consumer isn’t connecting with traditional marketing and there is a real need for something more than they’ve been given. Glowing Global, direct marketing experts, explain that the missing link is ‘engagement.’ Study after study has shown that consumers want to engage with real people even though they may have searched for, and found, the desired product or service online. Whether capturing an audience online or face-to-face through direct sales, the key to converting them is engagement.

“There are a number of innovative ways to engage an audience,” says Ricco Katona, director of Glowing Global, “and it is important to become well acquainted with these techniques. When we are reaching out to an audience online we often employ creative content creators along a number of platforms. Sometimes we use video and other times we engage them through social sites. The important aspect of engagement is to capture their attention in such a way that they won’t soon forget your brand.”

Many companies make the mistake of creating content that is all about the products or services they offer. Unfortunately, what consumers are looking for is a more personal touch. One way to solve this is through the use of stories and it is most effective when those stories involve real people behind the brand.

“We often use videos for our clients because we can capture the essence of people behind a brand that the audience can relate to. This is one of the most engaging marketing strategies going today because a story is easily remembered whilst the typical advert can be quickly forgotten,” Ricco goes on to say.

It is common knowledge amongst the medical community that a story, when engaging and properly told, plugs into the oxytocin system of the brain. As a result, even the smallest details are more easily remembered when told in story form. People can be inspired by data but this doesn’t lead them to act. Stories, on the other hand, stir something deep inside. “There is no better call to action,” Ricco concludes, “than a moving story.”

Glowing Global looks back over the years to some of the greatest films that have ignited passion in viewers prompting social and political changes. Films such as Hotel Rwanda brought about an awareness of the social and political injustices in that country and as a result, social activists around the world became actively involved in the plight of the Tutsi refugees. There is nothing like a good story to engage an audience and that’s what marketing to today’s consumer is all about – engagement.

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