Glowing Global on Visionaries and Goal Setters
05 Jul

Glowing Global on Visionaries and Goal Setters

Visionaries are professionals when it comes to painting success onto a much bigger canvas than most, they can visualise their success on a mass level and have the entrepreneurial which build them towards making their visions become a reality. But that would not be possible without completing the necessary steps every entrepreneur comes up against; step by step planning, organising and setting deadlines. Every visionary must have the influence of a goal setter to achieve their goals on schedule and to standard.

Ricco Katona, director of Glowing Global Manchester, is a self made entrepreneur himself, who had a vision and was in the highest point of his career, and on his way to making his dream a reality,  but it was time for structure, which he soon realised was a vital mindset which he needed to adopt. The mindset of a goal setter is an easy one to self teach, simply start by writing your goals down, setting tasks for yourself with a strict deadline, create checklists, tick them off, and generally become an expert organiser, to ensure you are completing the necessary steps towards the success of your vision.

For Ricco Katona, his vision of managing a successful enterprise for his clients was of priority, he had to master the compliance side of things like; financials, paperwork, scheduling meetings, the interview process and even the planning of staff nights. Once he adapted this mindset, these things became habits, his goals became structured and everything fell into place and in the correct order, of course tho, it’s not always a smooth ride, there are always speed bumps on the road to success, but creating order allows us to think in a more strategic way when facing setbacks. “I have always had big visions, I knew I had the capabilities, passion and drive to one day achieve them, but I never knew where to begin, until I joined this field. Then I surrounded myself with like minded people and networked with other entrepreneurs who were managing successful businesses and self taught myself to have an organised and efficient mindset just like theirs. It worked.” explains Ricco.

Goal setters, of course, wouldn’t be able to turn their neatly presented list of ideas into a reality without the influence of a dedicated visionary, the mindset of a successful entrepreneur who implements every idea they have, tries and fails hand in hand, can see their success on a mass level, works hard and creates hard working habits. Taking these actions will turn your goals into realities.

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