Glowing Global Reveal the Missing Link between Drive and Success
09 Mar

Glowing Global Reveal the Missing Link between Drive and Success

Most entrepreneurs are driven people who at one point or other in their lives were told they didn’t fit in, they didn’t ‘fit the mould.’ It seems as though everything they did (and continue to do!) was in constant motion with little time to ‘stop and smell the roses.’ Glowing Global says that the truly successful entrepreneur has learned to acknowledge the missing link between drive and success: habit.

“Make everything you do a habit,” says the director of Glowing Global, Ricco Katona, “so that you don’t spin your wheels looking for what you’re missing. This is a way to use your time and energy more efficiently so that your inherent overzealous drive doesn’t burn you out in the first year of your enterprise.”

Driven people work relentlessly towards a goal and are often seen as less-than-normal by outsiders who don’t have the vision. Entrepreneurs need this drive to accomplish their goals but often get so zealous they leave little details unattended. “You may not realise it,” Ricco Katona explains, “but every task you leave undone creates an open channel in your brain just waiting to be closed up. From leaving those piles of papers unfiled on your desk to failing to finish a book you’re reading, this leaves an open channel itching to be resolved.”

All this happens on a subconscious level and you are probably not aware of just what a stumbling block to ultimate success these open channels can be. “We always hear people going on about how they need closure, and it is never truer than when leaving multiple tasks unresolved.” Before long all that information that hasn’t been filed away begins leaking out, fogging areas in which you need clear perception.

Glowing Global say that you should make a habit of literally everything you do so that it reaches a conclusion and isn’t left dangling in your brain. From setting aside a particular time of day to receive phone calls and read email to a time to chill in the park, everything needs to be a habit. “This is the missing link between drive and success,” Ricco Katona Says, “and once you have mastered the art of habit, your brain has better parameters in which to function.”

Glowing Global knows and understands the entrepreneurial spirit, the drive behind the mind, as they are entrepreneurs with a massive drive and a huge amount of success. What they also have is an understanding of just how important it is to keep things organised and filed away. This is often accomplished only through habit and that is the missing link between drive and ultimate success.

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