Glowing Global Review the Annual Direct Marketing Industry Meeting
10 Sep

Glowing Global Review the Annual Direct Marketing Industry Meeting

Attending business meetings and conferences can provide a great opportunity for delegates to refresh their batteries and learn new skills and practices. One of the biggest events in the direct marketing industry took place in Birmingham recently, with the advent of the annual Direct Marketing Industry Meeting. Glowing Global was in attendance, and here they review how they benefited from the event.

“We all like to focus on our own business, and try to do the best we can to achieve continuous growth and improvement”, said Ricco Katona, director of Glowing Global. “If businesses aren’t careful, this can lead to them becoming too insular. We can all learn a lot from businesses who operate in the same sector, and that’s why I relish the opportunity to mix with my peers. With so many delegates in attendance, and a great line up of key speakers, I knew that the Birmingham conference would provide substantial benefits to both Glowing Global and our clients.”

The meeting was held in Birmingham’s impressive Radisson Hotel in the heart of the city. It was an ideal location, allowing delegates from across Britain to meet in a central location. The numbers didn’t disappoint, with more than 150 in attendance. The event was held over two days and included six keynote speakers who had a wealth of experience within the direct marketing industry. Topics up for discussion included driving sales, building a business in any economic conditions, how to deliver on customer expectations, and how to find the right people to grow your business.

These carefully chosen topics are more relevant now than ever, and produced lively yet friendly debate. It was stressed how important it is to be focussed and ambitious as the economy continues to climb out of the economic downturn. Where some businesses see only challenges, others see opportunities and can then formulate strategies that will help them succeed.

“The industry meeting was a great success on every level”, said Ricco Katona. “The schedule was busy, but that meant that we had even more opportunity to hear from people who are legends within the direct marketing sector. One of the most important things of all, of course, is the networking opportunities that such meetings present. I was happy to learn about some of the best practices that other companies deploy, and I’m sure that they learned a lot from us as well.”

Glowing Global is a growing success story in the world of direct marketing and sales. Their carefully devised and targeted campaigns have an excellent record of increasing brand awareness and attracting new customers for their clients. Fully energised by the recent industry meeting, they are ready to help clients old and new.

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