Glowing Global Review Creating Your Own Fate With Grant Cardone
11 Apr

Glowing Global Review Creating Your Own Fate With Grant Cardone

International sales expert Grant Cardone is a specialist in his field of sales, growth, and entrepreneurship, and our managing director and self-starting entrepreneur Ricco Katona of successful marketing firm Glowing Global has recently been inspired by an article he read, written by Mr. Cardone himself. The article featured on refers to creating our own fate instead of sitting around and waiting for fate to turn up at our doors, we have to go and get it for ourselves. Managing director Ricco Katona knows this is the case as he himself built his business from the bottom up, and had to work incredibly hard for his opportunity.

The article begins by encouraging us to sell in order to increase our income and get to where we want to go in our careers. Whether our job title has sales in it or not, we should always keep in mind that selling is the first step to get people’s attention and have them buy into us as professionals and what we have to offer. Grant Cardone continues to list some of the things that all successful salespeople share. Firstly, all the great salespeople will finish what they start, as Cardone puts it, “They start a lot of activities and finish them all. Most people start too few things and then quit.” You should keep in mind that doing what you say is a very desirable attribute as it shows honesty, commitment, and integrity, which is sure to impress. Next Grant Cardone tells us that great salespeople invest heavily in networking and building relationships, as not being recognised in your industry is the biggest problem when trying to expand. You cannot rely on fate to miraculously get our name out there alongside the greatest names in the game, no, you have to put in the time and effort to be remembered. To become great, you must make yourself known. Your product won’t do it by itself.

Most importantly, to create opportunities for ourselves and stop relying on fate to create our future, we must Invest in ourselves. Managing director Ricco Katona of Glowing Global strongly agrees with this concept and feels the same way as Grant Cardone when he says, “Great salespeople invest in their education, development, and personal motivation. They know these are their tools.” Ricco Katona of Glowing Global says “When designing your own life and success, you cannot expect to be gifted with the tools and strengths that you need to be the best, you need to invest in building your strengths. Whether you read more about your field, enroll onto training programmes, attend seminars or purchase tools which will give you the edge over the rest, you should go out and obtain them, as they will give you the advantage over your competition. You will feel much more confident when selling yourself or your product to potential investors, employers or customers.”

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