Glowing Global Review Four Important Interview Questions
26 Aug

Glowing Global Review Four Important Interview Questions

The upturn in the nation’s economy means that many businesses are thinking of recruiting again. Those that have already started the process have found that they are being inundated with high quality applicants. In these circumstances, how do you find the ideal candidate for your company? A study by looks at the four killer interview questions that should be asked. Here, Glowing Global review this study and consider the importance of the interview process.

“We ourselves have been expanding recently, due to client demand”, said Ricco Katona, director of Glowing Global. “We found that the interview itself was the most important part of the talent scouting process. It’s essential that we find the right candidates to suit our client’s projects, and by asking the right questions we were able to gauge how well they fitted the profile we needed.”

Interview preparation is essential, but rather than ask applicants what they know about a company, the study suggests that the first question should be: ‘how did you prepare for this interview?’ The answer will allow you to see how methodical an applicant is, and how highly they value the importance of preparation. Businesses are also encouraged to ask applicants what they remember from the job description. This not only tests their memory and recall skills, it shows how much attention they gave to the advert. The more enthusiastic a candidate is about the job, the more they should recollect from the description.

Interviews can be nerve-wracking for both interviewee and interviewer, so an ice breaker is always a good idea. The study says that applicants should always be asked to tell a joke. It doesn’t mean that you have to recruit them based upon how funny they are, but it gives a good indication of how well they can think on their feet, and how calmly they deal with things they may not have been expecting. The fourth important interview tactic is to ask the candidate to talk about their hobbies. Note how passionate they are, and consider how the skills exhibited in their hobby can be translated into your workplace.

“The study highlights the importance of preparation for applicants, and how it’s important for interviewers to find a candidate who is as passionate about the job as they themselves are”, said Ricco Katona. “All of these interview questions are very important, but I especially liked that businesses are encouraged to ask interviewees to tell a joke. Creativity and personality are vitally important in the marketing sector, and this is a good way to judge it.”

Through a diligent interview process Glowing Global found the perfect candidates for their expansion. They’re now able to help more clients than ever with their bespoke direct marketing campaigns, and bring growth and increased brand awareness to businesses nationwide.

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