Glowing Global Review How a Multi-Device World Impacts Marketing Potential
11 Sep

Glowing Global Review How a Multi-Device World Impacts Marketing Potential

Now more than ever, people are distracted during day-to-day activities. While it was the case people would give the television or the newspaper their undivided attention several decades ago, technology has disrupted the way of life to the extent that people can no longer focus on just one thing for too long. With a variety of technologies and devices consuming time throughout all hours of the day, marketing firms and brands must determine how best to reach people who are simultaneously distracted across multiple platforms. Here, Glowing Global review how multiple devices being used at once can work against – or with – existing marketing strategies.

Google recently reported that more than one-third of all people in the developed world own multiple digital devices, such as laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets. Glowing Global’s Director, Ricco Katona, explained to clients how this dynamic can affect overall behaviour throughout the day. “People no longer absorb information in a singular way. Research shows that among all people who watch television during prime-time hours, fifty percent of them multi-task on multiple devices – this means watching TV while checking email, purchasing products or browsing other websites”.

As such, brands and marketing firms alike must keep in mind that their strategies should address a wide variety of mediums in order to capture as much attention as possible from select audiences. Web-based marketing strategies in particular should strive to reach individuals through social media ads, email ads, search-based ads and, across all of these devices, mobile optimized ads. In addition to this, several organic strategies can be implemented – particularly through social media and email – in order to maximise overall saturation of awareness among audiences. All of these dynamics create a situation in which established firms like Glowing Global must continue to invest in marketing research efforts.

With the future forecasting even more diversification of technological devices – particularly mobile devices – it will be incumbent for brands to adapt their marketing strategies in order to utilise them to their advantage. Marketing agencies and firms such as Glowing Global provide an added ability for clients to interact with consumers, maximise overall effectiveness and access valuable market research, all of which can be combined to produce superior outcomes. Despite the increased difficulty that marketing agencies and businesses will face in the coming years, established firms will find ways in which to continue improving brand performance.

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