Glowing Global Review Increasing Demand in Marketing Hiring
31 Jul

Glowing Global Review Increasing Demand in Marketing Hiring

Glowing Global Review Increasing Demand in Marketing Hiring

As the global economy recovers more and more with each passing quarter, more and more businesses are seeking ways in which to create additional exposure for themselves and grow their reach. While a thriving economy is good news for everyone, it is especially positive for marketing firms and agencies who provide services to industries from all walks of life. One element in which this boost is being reflected is in the world of recruitment; marketing companies simply need more help to handle increased demand. Here, Glowing Global review the effects this is having on the marketing industry and on its own operations.

Optimism in the marketing world has increased substantially in just the past twelve months, according to Ricco Katona, Director of Glowing Global. “Industry surveys have shown over the past few years that anywhere from one-quarter to one-third of marketing firms expected to recruit additional talent in the coming year, but that number has increased to more than sixty percent for 2015”, Ricco Katona explained. “As more businesses have expendable resources and the overall market continues to improve, more businesses want to secure a piece of that prosperity through marketing initiatives”.

The trend has been observed not only in surveys, but also in tangible data points on key social media platforms. LinkedIn statistics for the past six months show an uptick in the number of marketing agencies who are seeking new employees and contractors in their respective fields, with overall increases in recruitment across all industries. This reinforcement of a trend that suggests the global economy is continuing its improvement means that marketing companies are well-positioned to take advantage of future growth in their own niches. Glowing Global’s client list, for instance, continues to grow at record rates through the utilisation of existing talent and the application of new forces as needed.

As businesses from every major country and continent continue to feel the improvements in the economy, demand will need to be met with supply. As this process works its way through base-level companies and industries, it will sooner or later create great demand and potential for marketing firms like Glowing Global, which understand the nuanced ways in which firms must seize upon the latest trends. Throughout the coming year, this trend in growth is expected to continue to intensify, making it possible for marketing companies with the goals of growth in mind to be able to take advantage of the situation.

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