Glowing Global Review How to Prepare for Public Speaking Events
09 Mar

Glowing Global Review How to Prepare for Public Speaking Events

There are many key skills that an entrepreneur has to have. To start with, they have to have drive, enthusiasm, and a willingness to work hard and for long hours. They also have to possess an inventive and creative mind that can produce uniquely useful products or services. One skill that can be just as important is public speaking. A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine gave public speaking advice from a great exponent of the art, Sir Richard Branson. Here, Glowing Global review the article, and reveal their own public speaking tip.

“I was proud to be invited to speak at an industry event in Manchester recently, and was very well received”, said Ricco Katona, director of Glowing Global. “Not everyone finds that public speaking comes naturally, but the good news is that by taking on board the advice in the Entrepreneur article, and through regular practise, you can greatly improve your speaking confidence and skills.”

As one of the world’s most recognisable businessmen, Sir Richard Branson is often called upon to speak at events and product launches. In Entrepreneur magazine’s article he answered readers’ questions about public speaking. Rispa from Kenya asked him how to overcome his fear of public speaking that sometimes left him stammering, shaking or unable to speak at all. As Sir Richard reveals, nerves affect all public speakers, but the key thing is how to handle them.

Sir Richard quotes from legendary writer Mark Twain, who said there were only two types of speakers in the world, the nervous and the liars. In his early days, Sir Richard himself found great difficulty in speaking in public, but he overcame this through hard work. As a novice public speaker, you should spend long hours practising speaking out loud, until eventually it becomes second nature. It’s also essential to be honest and to be yourself, and to believe in what you’re saying. To give a passionate speech you have to be passionate about the subject.

“As Sir Richard Branson says, practise does make perfect when it comes to speaking in public”, said Ricco Katona. “It’s great to be able to speak off the cuff, and again practise will help with this, but it’s also important to have little notes and reminders available as a safety net, should you need them.”

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