Glowing Global Review the Global Need for Youth Work Experience
28 May

Glowing Global Review the Global Need for Youth Work Experience

The next generation of marketers and business professionals are already being formed within schools and universities, but many have encountered a situation that previous generations did not face. Namely, many businesses now expect prior work experience and development opportunities from prospective hires, regardless of age. With the youngest in the workforce being put at a disadvantage in this regard, the latest generation of marketing professionals are finding it to be a struggle to integrate within the industry. This increasingly prevalent attitude may also be harming marketing agencies as well. Glowing Global reviewed recently how the global need for youth work experience is impacting the marketing industry and business as a whole.


Nearly 80 percent of businesses believe that prior work experience is essential for younger people who are currently joining the workforce. Unfortunately, this demand is not always something that can be fulfilled – particularly for marketing students and professionals. Ricco Katona, Director of Glowing Global, explained how this dynamic is negatively impacting both the workforce and marketing firms alike, saying “there is ample opportunity and potential in those emerging in the industry right now, but many firms are missing out on this potential due to stringent requirements on new hires”. He elaborated on the concept, explaining that with a limited number of intern-based roles, not everyone can feasibly gain experience in a temporary or evaluation-based capacity.


Even more shocking is the fact that nearly 40 percent of all businesses surveyed do not offer youth work experience opportunities for those impacted by these developments. Glowing Global believes that this is a fundamentally unsustainable dynamic. As time marches on under these constraints, the workforce will become heavily strained for such talent and will require businesses across all industries to change behaviour in this regard. In the world of marketing in particular, fresh faces are often a requirement due to the consistent changes in marketing procedures and the revolving door of generations who understand how best to reach target audiences.


Sooner or later, youth work experience will change in one of two ways: either it will become a non-requirement as was the case throughout much of the past, or it will become a service provided more frequently by businesses across all sectors. Glowing Global understands how trends such as these can impact marketing agendas and the day-to-day-agendas of clients, which is why such an innate focus on changes in the market must be examined and projected.


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