Glowing Global Review the Improving Economic Outlook in 2015
20 Aug

Glowing Global Review the Improving Economic Outlook in 2015

With a very rough financial situation over the past seven years impacting global credit and banking markets – in addition to a variety of hiccups in the form of debt crises – businesses have been rocked to their core over worry and a lack of confidence. Nevertheless, many indicators show that light at the end of the tunnel is close at hand, with more UK businesses demonstrating that their confidence is at the highest level in years. Here, Glowing Global review the prime financial indicators with regards to expansion and confidence in order to better serve its clients in a changing economic atmosphere.

The UK business market is expanding at its fastest rate in four years, according to Ricco Katona, Director of Glowing Global. “The worst financial indicator across the market right now is a potential sign that average, major interest rates are on the verge of increasing, but this also gives us an underlying understanding that the economy is improving”, he said. “In addition to the underlying trends, there is also a direct level of confidence being shown in the sheer rate of expansion across all sectors”, he further elaborated. Marketing firms like Glowing Global in particular are pleased to learn about these recent developments.

As more businesses continue to gain confidence and make new expenditures across all sectors, marketing firms are able to find new pathways to opportunity for their existing clients while also acquiring new ones. Glowing Global has been finding new ways in which to target key audiences who are also showing an increase in economic appetite, providing its clients with an assessment of the situation and clear possibilities for forward-thinking actions. Marketing companies especially have had to find ways in which to do more with less over the past few years, making it possible for top-tier firms to adapt in meaningful ways.

While some short-term boosts in confidence – such as a resolved national election and satisfaction over EU membership stability – are now complete, businesses and brands also are beginning to show long-term satisfaction with the trends in the economy. Glowing Global will continue to analyse all economic factors in order to assist clients in acquiring prosperity. With expansion across all sectors comes opportunity not only for the clients it represents, but for Glowing Global as well. The economic recovery appears to be in motion for more sustainable long-term recovery, which is exactly what every business wishes to hear at this juncture.

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