Glowing Global Review Training As An Olympic Athlete
08 Aug

Glowing Global Review Training As An Olympic Athlete

In light of all the 2016 olympics and the remarkable talent from our UK teams, managing director Ricco Katona of Glowing Global based in Manchester, shares with us, his thoughts on the similarities between training as an entrepreneur and training as an athlete, both possible with sheer commitment and a winners attitude. Direct marketing expert and self made entrepreneur Ricco Katona trains budding entrepreneurs, using the same competitive energy and consistent determination as an olympic athlete does. Ricco Katona and the group at Glowing Global embed a lot of passion into their training and level of focus, they use building methods like pep talks and one on one development meetings, to encourage and build the confidence of his direct marketing entrepreneurs, making them push through their own boundaries.

Much like sportsmen and women, salesmen are competitive, driven and a part of a strong company dynamic, “As salesmen, we train continuously, we run training sessions every morning where we practice our pitches and warm up before heading out to a live environment. Just the same as an olympic gymnast would before performing”, explains managing director Ricco Katona of Glowing Global. There are mottos which Ricco trains his entrepreneurs to embody, “Similar to an olympic basketball team, as entrepreneurs, we aim high and we don’t shoot small. We never fail to set ourselves up for success, we never play it safe, we embrace taking risks because we know that high risk means higher reward”, explains Ricco Katona of Glowing Global.

Glowing Global Embrace the theory that the more shots they take, the more chances in which they have at making a success, and it’s no surprise that Glowing Global are well recognised and respected leaders within the direct marketing industry. Managing director Ricco Katona and the group at Glowing Global understand that they need to develop their skills, and repeat the same actions over and over to ensure an increase in their performance, as well as making them stronger. “Just the same as an olympic weight lifter who goes through the process of lifting 50kg to 150kg, we adopt the mindset which makes us push our limits to obtain the desired results in our industry. Having a competitive streak helps you push the boundaries of what’s possible and helps you give the best account of yourself”, says managing director Kerry Katona of Glowing Global.


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