Glowing Global Review “The Silver Lining” and the Need for Innovation
12 Oct

Glowing Global Review “The Silver Lining” and the Need for Innovation

The corporate climate today is very tough for businesses and brands. This is mostly due to the fact that an increased amount of competition across national borders and industries has made it more difficult for brands to survive without adaptation. As such, large amounts of money are invested in the concept of innovation, aimed at delivering the next big break-through or revolution for a business or industry. Many experts have weighed in on the effects of innovation and how the concept can affect long-term success. Here, Glowing Global review how the concepts covered in “The Silver Lining” are as relevant as ever.

Even during tough economic times, innovation remains a constant element that pushes businesses to grow and improve, says the author of “The Silver Lining”, Scott Anthony. Recently, Glowing Global’s Director Ricco Katona sat down with clients and discussed this phenomenon. “In the book, the author discusses what is known as ‘The Great Disruption’, which is the massive effects that technology has had on virtually every industry. While technology has made it more difficult to dominate in a given industry without opposition, it has also provided many new ways in which to out-innovate the competition”, he explained.

One major theme throughout the book relates to the concept of innovation and its presence during tough economic times. The author explains that innovation often surges during these periods, due to the fact that many businesses attempt to find new ways to be efficient and effective with limited resources. From energy to retail, Glowing Global has observed that huge leaps forward were made when scarcity or difficulty presented itself in the economy at-large. The marketing industry as a whole has experienced similar situations, as the nature of traditional marketing – with particular emphasis on “the Four Ps” – has changed considerably over the past decade.

Glowing Global and other leading marketing firms will continue to analyse evolving marketing conditions and find new ways in which to ensure that the overall amount of innovation its clients enjoys remains substantial. The topics covered in “The Silver Lining” have never been more relevant to modern businesses that wish to make good impressions with shoppers and consumers across many different platforms. Professional marketing agencies have had to deal with the beast of innovation – and how a disruptive economy demands its presence – for years and will continuously find opportunities as they arise. Clients, businesses and consumers alike all benefit from the effects of innovation, especially in turbulent economic conditions.

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