Glowing Global Review UK Brand Popularity
22 Jan

Glowing Global Review UK Brand Popularity

Becoming popular with consumers is the ultimate goal for any business. It can turn a business into a brand, and makes marketing and selling much easier. Achieving popularity can be hard in itself, but businesses then have to work just as hard to retain that popularity and encourage brand loyalty. A recent study by Superbrands, as reported by DJS Research, looked at brand popularity ratings in the UK. Here, Glowing Global review the study, and look at what businesses big and small can take from it.

“Some brands are much more popular than others, but it doesn’t come about by chance”, said Ricco Katona, director of Glowing Global. “By understanding the reasons for a brands success with the public, entrepreneurs can emulate the way they work, and take an important step towards increasing their own brand popularity.”

The study looked at 500 of the top brands in the UK at the moment, and ascertained how popular they currently were. One particularly fascinating aspect of the study is that it asked both consumers and business people how popular a brand was, and then put the results into two separate top twenty lists. The divergence between the two lists shows that even successful business leaders can sometimes find it difficult to understand what the public are thinking, and what they’re looking for. Take Apple for instance. Businesses ranked it as the most popular brand, yet it has dropped from the top spot to second by consumers.

Replacing the technology giants in first place was Rolex. This is an example of how consumers love aspirational brands, even if they remain out of their personal reach. Mercedes-Benz and BMW also featured strongly. Business people approved most strongly of logistics brands and financial institutions. They put British Airways in second place, and Visa, Virgin Atlantic and Shell also featured strongly. Microsoft were in third place in the business popularity survey, followed by Google in fourth.

“This study shows the divergence between what customers love, and what business people love”, said Ricco Katona. “To achieve popularity with your products, you have to understand what the consumer wants and target them accordingly. It’s apparent that consumers love quality, and they also love products that are unique and innovative. By making your products along those lines, you can find a loyal band of consumers waiting for them.”

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