Glowing Global Reviews Running a Business in Manchester
15 Feb

Glowing Global Reviews Running a Business in Manchester

Running a business anywhere has its perks and downsides. The best thing about choosing a place you want for your business depends on everything around it. Glowing Global review the most significant criteria needed when opening their firm. Our most significant desire was to thrive in an innovative industry, and Manchester has been the perfect platform for us to do that. “There are various benefits of working within a location such as Manchester, better benefits if you own a business. Studies indicated that Manchester is known for the highest start-up rates and a particular talent that shows immense potential,” reviews Ricco Katona managing director of Glowing Global, Manchester.


According to a review in, “Manchester offers unrivalled access to talent – with the biggest university campus in Europe (and five universities in total), the largest city economy outside of London and a robust business support package; with a wide variety of investment targeted at the region. Manchester enjoys excellent transport links, with Manchester Airport one of the region’s busiest hubs –the airport is the third largest in the UK, behind Gatwick and Heathrow, serving 220 destinations daily (Heathrow has approximately 180), helping make the city internationally accessible. Glowing Global believes that an area has to be creative, thriving and lively for a business to remain innovative. Workers and people make a business great; also the talent and individuals on our crew right now and the ones we meet every day through networking, prove that Manchester is no stranger to exceptional talent.


Because there are various universities in Manchester, many many individuals are looking to make it in the business world or any related field. Their creativity and passion is why we believe Glowing Global has been able to reach the success it has. This also makes the city very creative because it is initially known for that factor universally. We always appreciate creativity and find it to a be a valuable asset in marketing and business strategies. We know for a fact that Manchester as a city is in itself the biggest perk to running a startup business here, and Glowing Global of Manchester are excited for more that is to come.


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