Glowing Global Shares Weekly Networking Evenings
01 Dec

Glowing Global Shares Weekly Networking Evenings

Glowing Global places significant importance on the value of networking. “Our goal every week is to attend networking events in the evening after work socialising. The impact that networking provides for business is a valuable asset and source. Using it to it’s highest potential is important. Many people merely associate networking as an occasional thing. But for us, it means more frequently. We want to meet new individuals, new clients and customers every week. Learning about them and them learning about us makes the mutual growth for both of us, and it’s a valuable connection to have,” says Ricco Katona, managing director of Glowing Global.


We believe in the personal touch when it comes to doing business and meeting new potential partners and clients. Based on the idea that networking establishes a connection that involves more than just socialising, we value it. Depending on the type of networking even it is, we always meet new people. New individuals and potential clients are what drive businesses forward. “In recent days networking has become very important. There’s even an online version of it created for jobs and new positions, LinkedIn. It’s essential that we keep it alive in person with meeting new connections also.


“Because we place an importance on networking, it has created a valuable weekly experience for us at Glowing Global. Networking itself has gone up a lot in the past few years, it’s created an unparalleled potential of connections that’s led to important growth,” says Ricco Katona of Glowing Global. In addition to networking, socialising is just a part of it. It’s a perk that comes with it to create the environment and make it more business casual.

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