Glowing Global Tune Into The Apprentice And Get A Competitive Edge
07 Nov

Glowing Global Tune Into The Apprentice And Get A Competitive Edge

Studies have proven that companies who treat and invite their team to after hours, social activities, have a higher success and productivity rate, and achieve higher results than those who do not. Businesses who have a fun company culture amongst the team, will produce a better quality of service and work ethic from workers who are motivated and excited to be apart of their team. Glowing global are one company who are avid socialites when it comes to team bonding, as the group of marketing experts come together every Thursday and sit down to watch The Apprentice on BBC One.

The game show runs for twelve weeks, and is billed as “The Ultimate Job Interview”, the show features business people who come from business backgrounds in various enterprises, including accounting, restaurant management, management consulting, sales and marketing, who all compete against each other to become the winner of the show and avoid being fired by Sir Alan Sugar himself. Each week, the teams are assigned a task and required to select one of their members to lead the team as “project manager”, who is to take responsibility for organising the team and making executive decisions. Tasks are generally business oriented and tend to highlight one of several business skills and most commonly revolve around sales and marketing of a product or service.

Managing director Ricco Katona gets everybody at Glowing Global together every Thursday during the season, to watch the episodes and enjoy good food and good company. “These get-togethers are not only fantastic for morale, but the show encourages entrepreneurial spirit and competitiveness between the group, and we always end the evening feeling inspired and motivated to win and achieve” explains Ricco.

Self-starters and avid entrepreneurs Glowing Global, are always thinking of new and innovative ways to encourage a fun and engaging company culture, so other than just watching the show over the twelve-week duration, Ricco Katona and the entrepreneurs of Glowing Global, each think about what they can also achieve in twelve weeks for their careers and also in their personal lives. “It’s a great opportunity to challenge ourselves as a company and as individuals, as doing this alongside the contestants of The Apprentice, gives us the motivation and competitive drive to succeed” says Ricco Katona. 

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