Manchester Council Split Opinion with Their Gifts to Staff, Glowing Global Offers Their Opinion
14 May

Manchester Council Split Opinion with Their Gifts to Staff, Glowing Global Offers Their Opinion

In a recent development, forward-thinking Manchester Council have spent nearly £190,000 supplying 500 members of staff with their own iPad over the past three years. Only three of these went to councillors, while the vast majority were distributed amongst support staff. There is no doubt that investing in technology is a good move, but this news has angered some people who think that the money could be better spent elsewhere (it is, after all, money which the taxpayer has to foot the bill for). Direct marketing specialists Glowing Global have been watching the news with interest, and their Managing Director Ricco Katona is interested in people’s opinions on the news.

He says, ‘I can understand why taxpayers may be angry to hear the news of this spending, and on the face of it it does seem a little extravagant. However, it is important to remember that we are increasingly reliant on technology and there are many advantages that resources such as iPads bring with them. When I think about the amount of use that I get out of my own tablet, it starts to make sense. When people are issued with the technology to be able to carry out their jobs when they are out and about, it decreases the need for office space. Of course they will still need a desk, but hotdesking becomes far more achievable. When people have mobile devices they can carry out their administration as and when they need it, and this reduces the need for administrative support in the office. So I believe that while these iPads will cost the Council (and therefore the taxpayer) a lot, the cost can be offset in other areas of their work. I don’t believe that the Council would have agreed to this expenditure unless a very real business need was identified. Tablets are the future of working processes, so on balance I tend to agree that this was a good move. Of course, time will tell, and it will be interesting to see how things pan out in the future. Mobile devices are becoming ubiquitous and I certainly couldn’t be without mine.’

Ricco Katona relies heavily on his tablet because he is always out and about meeting with clients. Direct marketing is all about putting clients face to face with potential new customers, so it’s no surprise that Ricco Katona is rarely at his desk. Building relationships face to face is the most effective way of generating and retaining new business, and Glowing Global are in increasing demand for their results-driven services.

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