At Glowing Global, we believe that one day every company across the globe will have to implement some kind of direct marketing campaign in order to drive their business forward.

With the growth we continue to have, our goal is to become the largest outsourced sales and marketing group in the world. We currently have partners and affiliates across the United States, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, Italy, Poland, Australia and South Africa.

Over the next five years our plan is to get more coverage within our existing countries but also gain exposure in China, India, and across Europe. To achieve this we will provide the utmost integrity in the representation we provide for our clients. As a result, this will allow us to maintain our reputation and our track record of excellence.

Glowing Global aims to provide the best programs which will result in the industry leaders of tomorrow. Join Glowing Global in creating that vision today and together we can be a success.

Our Environment

At Glowing Global we have developed an environment that is conducive to productivity. At the same time we are entrepreneurial in our thinking and professional in our outlook; always looking at things from the perspective of our clients.

We are a group of young, vibrant, ambitious professionals. We encourage open lines of communication, so no matter what level individuals are at we encourage everyone to express themselves and enhance their skills, intelligence and creativity through continuous learning. We believe this has allowed us to build winning relationships. This environment drives us forward to continually innovate and apply new techniques to develop unique solutions for our clients’ needs.