Glowing Global - Review Training as an Olympic AthleteGlowing Global specialise in direct marketing. This form of advertising allows us to target all types of customers, whether that is through demographic or geographic means. We are able to target specific groups and individuals on behalf of our clients, depending on their needs.

As we are an outsourced direct marketing company we focus primarily on using a proactive face-to-face approach that gives your customer a personally refined experience, directly with our authorised and qualified representatives. Advertising on radio, television, or in print media can be expensive, and provides little guarantee in terms of results. The service we provide for our clients enables them to manage their advertising budgets more efficiently, therefore maximising productivity and increasing Glowing Global Look At The Habits That Are Affecting Your Successrevenue.

This is achieved through reporting and feedback in real-time, meaning that you can just sit back and watch the customers come rolling in! Also to back this up we can provide finalised, daily, weekly and month reports. With this data Glowing Global are then able to compile forecasts on expected growth so you can adapt your business according to the information.

So whether you have already devised a marketing strategy or would need us to design and test a strategy for you we have the expertise to suit your needs. We are so confident in our ability that we offer all our clients a guaranteed return on their investment!

Glowing Global Look at Local Enterprise PartnershipsDirect Marketing

Direct marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing known to man. Since the days when marketing was just word of mouth, direct marketing has developed to become a well-established multi-billion-pound industry that continues to grow year-on-year. This industry has excelled particularly well during the recent economic difficulties across the globe. The biggest reason for this is that the results are so easy to measure, creating an efficient return on a company’s budget.

As potential customers are reached directly on a daily basis, statistics can be generated using this accurate data to identify the progress of a campaign. Just as important, this approach allows Glowing Global to provide fantastic feedback on how the product or service is being received by it’s target market. This is why Glowing Global chose to specialise in face-to-face sales and marketing as it is one of the most effective direct marketing methods.