Glowing Global - Drive and succesGlowing Global believe that to effectively grow a business takes experience, time and investment. Many businesses are now realising they can save time, energy, and money by outsourcing parts of their business activities. Outsourcing initially seemed possible for only large companies. However outsourcing has become more of a norm than an option in most businesses today. Apart from the cost savings, outsourcing is seen as a strategic move that can allow businesses to gain a competitive advantage.

It certainly has opened up opportunities for organisations to utilise skillsets and expertise that they normally would not be able to access without large investments. It has also become a saviour to start-ups and small businesses that have to work with small advertising budgets.

So what are the benefits?

Segment - Glowing GlobalAt Glowing Global, we are experienced in training sales and marketing representatives to eventually become ambassadors for our clients. What this does is remove the hassle of having to source, train, and manage extra personnel. What this does for you is give you more time to focus on what you do best, driving your business forward!

Remember as we already have experienced representatives on hand we are able to roll out a campaign in most cases within as little as 5 working days!

There are really three key areas to Glowing Global outsourcing:


Our role is to serve and support our clients. We focus on having a professional image and manner at all times when representing our clients. We aim to acquire a continuous influx of profitable customers. Maintain relations with existing customers and solidify brand loyalty as well as provide timely reporting and billing


Individuals are encouraged to be outspoken in regards to any issues that could potentially damage a client’s reputation. If we say we are going to do something, we do it. We are accountable for the tasks we commit to complete, so we do not let each other down. Every person is valued and will be treated with dignity and respect


Once an agreed target or goal is set, we draw up plans to accomplish the desired results, we then execute these plans. Once in motion we continually review and evaluate our progress. Therefore we are able to be accountable for our own performance. We organise and structure our business, projects and tasks around the expectations of our clients. If we are not meeting expectations, we are open-minded enough to look at alternate solutions and feed this information back. Our performance will always be measured based on the results we generate!